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    I realized the only way I can let my point across without getting angry and giving up is being civil

    So you know what, thank you zoob, thank you for proving my very point that mods here especially you are indeed power abusing pyscophathic sadistic assholes.

    Too serious and harsh?Lets start from the beginning, I made a post about mods here being a$sholes,


    this was one of your very first troll moments I can prove putting aside the first one in public chat where u told me you followed me and I followed back, and then afterwards unfollowed me, so I asked why did you unfollow me? claimed Im stupid and never followed me, which I checked and realized yeah u did "never follow me" after unfollowing, so u got me, just harmless trolling fun right? Nothing wrong. Afterall I admit and everyone probably knows I can be a huge trolly d!ck especially on PC, and we first met each other and I instantly called u zoob bwa bwa so I gave and still give u a pass, as I also didnt know u were a mod as well.

    So now back to this post 6 days ago, where you also was literally agreeing with me "mods are really asśholes.
    Let's start a riot. We really should do that who's up for that?" and you didnt have ur mod badge on, so I thought you were also a user and supporting and agreeing with me which I already knew you werent being too serious so I joked back "idk, how you wanna do it 😂"

    And you continued to spam other comments, honestly being very immatute about it,

    "trash talk. Let's trash talk about them name out the mods you hate the most", responding "

    "@HellBoi33 nah they are a holes. I mean look at that useless mod who is just mod because he's an old user. Pfft"

    and "@Chicken-meat @Global-Moderators let's use the NO U INFINITY card here" which I dont understand the point of it, because as a mod, you are responsible for being one that moderate assholes not be one.

    And when I caught on to your obvious sarcasm and called you out for being triggered over it, you go on to say

    " i sound triggered? I am supporting you and i am triggered. Like where tf your logic is having an orgàsm." very funny right? But still I let it slide.

    So now jump to my next post, where u really showed your true colours. https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/topic/28353/is-there-even-a-point-coming-to-this-site-when-i-m-sweetly-surpised-with-a-ugly-a-s-brown-most-probably-indian-d-k-everyday/111

    Where I was addressing the issue of d!ck pics getting spammed here everyday, ONE topic post about it, and what did you have to say?

    "sh!t you got us already. Now i have to think another way to annoy you out. Maybe send you pussies.😏
    And chick its easy to bark than doing something 🙃" so addressing it in a topic ONCE is considered barking while u try to be funny? I understand I also said I was suspicious of the mods specifically targeting me, and I could have responded more light hearted too, but I was also pisssed at d!ckk pics also specifically popping up in response to my comments and posts as well, so thats why the suspicion and my response of " u srsly hate me dont u 😑 wtf am i supposed to do Im just a user on this site that noticed this happening too many times for the past 2 days for me not to address."

    after your purposeful intent to trigger me or like u said "be funny" cos apparently Im "too serious" which is ironic in ur later responses. U respond with "@Chicken-meat chill out. İ don't hate no one. Mods are banning him continuously whenever they can it's not that easy tho. So hold your horses"

    You dont hate anyone huh? Okay so yes when I responded and addressed that I found the comment "its easy to bark than do something" unnecessary, and that you can say that me calling mods incompetent is harsh and I know they are trying their best to fix it, but as I have explained and further proof to go against katherine, which is also frustrating how she thinks me talking about it ONCE in topic is "getting hurt" and constantly telling me to "leave if it hurts you so much" which is stupid and annoying in itself, but it is cleared out now after I said sorry for my other other comments, but even so Im just bringing up issues Im sure everyone else is thinking of too here, saying that she think the problem is fixed, which sadly and clearly is wrong because 18 hours ago again neba a "new user" spammed d!ck pics all over my and others comments and posts and in public chat as well.

    So you claim you dont hate anyone? Oh but of course ur "sArcAstIc" so its not "hate" and yeah I can understand sometimes same for me I say a lot of trolly sh!t especially in public chat but never actually hold a grudge but still How come YOU had to give a smug a$s response as a moderator " @Chicken-meat it was message for the "wise" but unfortunately you were born retarded. And there are many problems in this site but that doesn't stop you from fulfilling your purpose her. You can still ruin your life. We try to deal with casualties as much as we can"

    First of, you dont even know how to spell here which is pretty pathetic initself, oh so Im born retarted? Im ruining my life just addressing that this is an ongoing issue that YOU cant resolve?

    I responded "@zoob 😂 message for the wise? Dude I was just posting about it on topics forum only literally now after it had happened numerous times, im not "barking" about it, I just wanted to address it, so f%ck you and ur "wisdom" punk"

    "not sure why u said "we" when I asked if u were a mod on public chat and u said no, besides also the mod badge beside ur name is gone too."

    And you have to respond with "like i said maybe i am or maybe i am not. And i was saying that you don't know what mods are trying to do against it. So stop being a a demanding bitch and don't be a butthurt. I am being nice"

    Nice? How tf is saying Im a demanding b!tch being nice?!? Yes I have to be demanding because it is clear it falls on deaf ears and you would rather throw insults at me, than my suggestion of how it could be solved as I commented on the post.

    "@Chicken-meat the funny thing is i saw the word SARCASTICALLY so i thought it's worth jumping in but didn't know you'll be much of a butthurt lol."

    What word did you see "SARCASTICALLY"? Are you sure IM the one being butthurt? Sounds like you felt personally attacked at being sh!tt at ur job of a mod, so you decided to try to harass me off " sarcastically"

    Honestly at this rate all the comment exchange gets confusing to see who responded to who and where. "its very evident whos being a b!tch here when I just dont wanna be randomly popped up with disgusting pics up my eyeholes."

    and "@zoobno oh, I just thought u were a stupid rampaging mod-ster, that is bored af and wanted to spam ur inner feelings of lack of life and inadequacy on others. I guess it worked cos u seem a little bit more cooled off now lol, remember, ur a mo-de-ra-tor, start acting like one."
    Which ironically u responded with "why do I have to?"

    And all these lovely (sarcasm since u dont understand what sarcasm means) other examples of ur a*hole responses.

    "@Kadak-2 i wonder how much braincells you lost while writing this. And that was so nice of you tho but sadly there are many tried better than to. You can only raise a middle finger. I can literally ban(g) you so go be an autistic fućk like you were before lol"

    "@Chicken-meat if you don't want that don't act like an unsatisfied bitch. No one creates such rant and drama like you do lol. Tbh we really needed a drama queen and i guess tws is going to be great again 😂 and seriously no one cares what you want."

    Yes because Im only speaking for myself when I speak about not wanting to see a random d!ckk flash up in noti 🙂 thanks for the compliment tho 💁 ur also a pretty good drama queen urself

    "and yeah let's say all mods are doing terrible jobs but what can you do? Sh!t posting? That suits you perfectly." sh!ttboy speaking about urself aye?

    "@Chicken-meat hell yeah just like any normal human being. And that's quite natural for a butthurt like you to get triggered on these little talks" of course Im the butthurt one here lashing out personally lol.

    "@Chicken-meat well tbh i haven't seen any. Because fellow mods were fast enough to delete but what can they do for an impatient no life bastard like you who got his eyes stick on everything happening here" so I am the impatient bastard that thinks d!cks popping up randomly in ur noti everyday only to be removed after a few hours is "fast" and "havent seen any"

    Got carried away there lel, dont give a f%ck I aint a mod and u were the one that said it urself so Im just defending and responding to shitt myself.

    But then we jump to ANOTHER post,
    context of this post aside, I already said what I needed to say there but literally
    you have the AUDACITY, to "@Chicken-meat you know that's very gay. I hope you still hate me. That would be better for us both 😂."

    AND abuse ur powers and changed my comment to "gay for you" which you then responded @Chicken-meat how can you be so dumb. Look at your comment again"

    How EXACTLY am i supposed to suckk ur d!ckk and not get triggered by that? Like honestly I alr know ur mom dropped u as a baby but I didnt know she was on the eifiel tower while doing so, like how are u still alive from all that brain damage to think I wouldnt get triggered and have to face ur lil balls to say " @Chicken-meat literally nothing mate 😂 i love wasting my life over here. And calm down. Its so easy to trigger you. I thought you didnt know i was one of your lovables as well. I just wanted to to think again lol" because IM the one that needs to "chill" and "calm down" FROM GETTING MY COMMENT CHANGED TO BE CALLED DUMB.

    AND the final icing onn the cake, yours truly admitting to abusing ur powers and trolling of random users that left because they couldnt do anything about it, and "banning people u dont like" I dont have screenshots where u publically said you were doing this with another troll mod user that stepped down but I have this.


    I could show other screenshots of u saying u love to abuse ur power and how "owned" on my post which is f%cking pathetic if spamming hate, and changing my comment to call me dumb is ur definition of "own".
    Heck here you go,
    I still accept ur apology, I just took a big sh!t on it not "sarcastically" And I have spoke to the Admin Odin already, not sure how he didnt see anything wrong when I showed him screenshots of u admitting to like to abuse ur privelage as a mod and troll ppl off, but he was nice and did acknowledge that I had every right to complain about what u did in recent on my posts, said also a lot of downvotes then u MIGHT get unmodded so, I dont wanna paint u as the villian, just I think u should step down as an as$hole pyscopathic sadistic braindead mod to a user that enjoys ppl getting pissed off by ur stupid shit, just not with Mod powers, where ur supposed to in fact MODERATE "bad" users that "spam" not be the very d!ckhead yaself cos I dont buy ur apology that u were being "SaRcAsTiC" which made literally no f%cking sense in the meaning of it one single bit and u just probably did it to save ur a$s when I edited my post to ask others to flag you for changing my comment. But oh yes ppl "enjoy it" cos it if they didnt u made sure to f%ck em off the site from seeing ur stupid face getting no repurcussions.

    Have to admit u took my rantings pretty chill tho at public chat, I might have overreacted a lil but still f%ck you 🌵

  • O________O

  • @Chicken-meat wow....
    thats a loooooong Essay..😂😂

  • @theKing You're being a bit harsh with the grammar, mate. We're a couple of daft lads on a sillyboy website, not CS Lewis and George Bernard Shaw.

  • @theKing
    • Placing grammar over personality is dumb.
    • Generalisations are dumb.
    • India is cool.
    (Even tho people here suck, but only as much as people anywhere else)

    • Being hórny and doing something about it is not a bad thing.


  • @Chicken-meat good post and good writing skills too, but I think zoob is trolling you In their posts so don't take it seriously and There are some good mods like @ObviouslyLucifer also here to help you everytime you feel low, just say to lucifer And I'm damn sure he will help you.

  • @Chicken-meat It's "privilege", not privilage, dumbass. Also, there is a fucking difference between YOUR and YOU'RE. If only you would spend that much time on grammar and not bitching around.
    If you let emotions take over you in front of a troll, you already lost. And the "she said, and he said, and then she said" is quite dumb stuff if you ask me, you could provide some screenshots rather than a thousand of quotes and replies. Let's not forget about the "u did in recent on my posts", you managed to give me a headache already, so let's stop being that critical.

    But now, let's look at the other side. You've claimed in your previous posts/topics/whatsofuckingever that you are, in fact, glad to see that the current moderators are less professional and closer to the public, rather than being some cold-hearted pricks. Do you mind if you could make your fucking mind up? As I previously said in my other reply which you probably ignored since you're too much of a wuss to actually take a stand when it comes to rationality, it's up to you to whether accept or not someone's company.
    However, I quite enjoy reading that you do know that you are a hypocrite - you are willing to say that it's a nice thing to see friendly and more of a rude mods, but then you get so damn deep into it that you actually create a 900 essay (with shit grammar, I have to say that) on taking down someone. Quite of a masochist, ain't ya?

    Edit: Sorry, forgot to throw my punchline. I don't know about that monkey d**k, but oh dear, you must be really envious if you went that far for it.

  • @Chicken-meat It's an indian website, designed by indians and used by indians (most of users at least). And I'm not talking only about the registered ones, but have a look on the 1 on 1 chat, the odds of meeting an indian is quite fucking huge. Also, it is not entirely up to them to ban the users. Why? This shithole has plenty of ads, more users to see them, more money to the owner. If you ban every "naughty" user, guess who's going to get broke. Hence the owner allows people to be more freely, after all the whole website is based on that sexchat. By "bad users" you can assume that he was generally talking about really inappropriate stuff, and not some derogatory replies.
    The grammar part is only valid for those who use it as an unique argument, doubt it's the case here. You left your reply, I have all the rights to critique every aspect of it and you better bet I will.
    They are messing around, you are messing around, and you're the one getting overdramatic. I wonder how it would feel if someone would make a topic about you having fun on them penises, wish you would have your empathy as high as your dramatic side.
    Still, it feels odd, I haven't received a single dickpic, guess these indians do know how to differentiate genders, you act like a bitch so they must've assumed you're a female.
    Edit: If that's how accurate you can tell an incident, I have to suggest you reading some books before getting close to a keyboard. Haven't read the other mentions, to answer your questions: I did read most of it, got boring after seeing the punchlines between you two, it was like a children fight "you are stupid", "no, you are stupid". I wouldn't call it hiding since we haven't met before, so let me introduce myself. Bitch, I'm the king and I'm here to reclaim my crown, so you better kneel. Now.

  • @theKing

    @Kana Another person who's willing to bite the dust, very well.

    I doubt I'll bring it at that for you.

    • I did not mention that I choose grammar over personality. I choose both. And a lot more.

    Were you unaware that your posts speak for you about what you value more? (I know you do, but not in posts at least so yea)

    • Generalisations are dumb. Statistics are not.

    And you have stats about Indians being lame or whatever?

    • Cool, good, perfect and bad are subjective terms, my good could be your bad.

    Yea depends on your attitude.

    • Being hórny and doing something about it is not bad. Unless you keep bothering others and share your genitals like a fucking moron.

    I sense a generalisation here.

    P.S. lmaoo

  • @theKing

    It means that I'm not willing to choose something broken (it can be either personality or english).

    See you value grammar as much as personality. That's wrong bc you'll be missing on many good people.

    Iq has nothing to do with being bad people. Ig the case will be the same for all developing countries. Smartest of people also come from this country but anyways that's not the topic here.
    All those crimes you mention, are occurring at a much higher rate in more developed "top" countries. So yea as i said, people here are only as bad as anywhere else.

    I value people over the country itself, hence I can't see India as being cool. Some people are, most of them are not.

    You, are a victim of stereotypes, and only the bad stereotypes sadly. Indians are quite humble, kind, and good natured generally as i have noted.

    That was quite of a generalisation, indeed, but I highly doubt that anyone would disagree with the fact that indians are well known for their typical behavior on the internet.

    That's better phrased than calling Indians morons. Glad you're learning 😊

  • @WtfJudith said in Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one):

    Can y’all just take a step back and realize just how dumb this whole situation is?

    Stfu kiddo don't you fúcking see how serious this is?


  • @Kana alt text

  • @Chicken-meat mayne wth nobody cares about this place anymore, save your nerves, we all have been through it

  • Yeah, but ever tried to use Reddit? Now there's a website full of Nazi moderators.

  • I totally read this all

  • @King-Kadak What's the purpose of me acting smarter, it seems like I'm already talking a language you can't comprehend. Shall I lower my level to the one you are used to, writing nonsense about how your finger has better tastes than you do? I'm not that "smart", however, I'll advice you to get your head out of your own butthole, maybe you will gain a perspective, seems like you'd be the perfect fit for the allegory of the cave.
    Edit: Interesting, the word "arse" is blocked, lucky me.

  • @King-Kadak Unfortunately, that "jump" would require you a ladder. And it wouldn't kill you. Can you come up with something original, please? There's no pleasure seeking the very same quotes everywhere. Seems like you showed up as well, you joined at your risks, now face your consequences.
    P.S: I'm not going to pick on your grammar, you're a lost cause.

  • @King-Kadak New and stupid, are you talking about future or past? Assuming your grammar, you're indeed new to the world. I'm glad that now you've used "i am" instead of "i afraid", however there's another mistake, it's "i am afraid OF", not "by". Glad to see you progressing, however, following the supply/demand principle, I need to raise my demand, by now you have to call me "master".
    I truly doubt your hypnotization skills, maybe try using the typical indian quotes, the pervert ones. After all, that's your domain.

  • @King-Kadak I have all the rights to express my opinion, so yeah, I don't see why I would hold back from expressing it. As for the conversations, I would choose someone who is able to write properly over someone who is not. That's not a good excuse to let grammar mistakes take over. My conversations are mainly in private, so it does not really bother me what you intend to do.

  • @theKing

    I value both equally if you ask me. It's not necessarily about being able to talk properly, but rather wanting more, having something to progress in.

    Glad you finally agree with the right thing 🤭

    You make a grammar mistake, someone corrects you, you attack the person correcting you instead of being grateful that he enlightened you.

    Lol but do they want your help or are you just being a jerk, is the question xD

    Once again, the "bad" is subjective. One example? Having a low IQ is bad, hence low IQ people can be considered bad

    Don't pretend that you don't know what I meant by bad people 😒

    They might be nice, act truthful and all, but it depends if you are happy enough to live among people with such characteristics.

    Aye the attitude thing i mentioned.

    As for the calling them morons, bite me, but I do believe in the IQ chart. Not as being the exact value, but relatively close. Don't seek the few individuals who make a difference, but look at the big picture.

    You're probably a moron if you think iq defines who's a moron. And yea it's not a few people but more than that lol and they're the best at their thing so maybe Google that up too.

    I've already learnt plenty about this topic, thank you for your attempt.

    Learning can never be enough. Glad to be helping 😉

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