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    Hi everyone,

    As you know, Awards were removed from the website because of some technical issues. We're happy to report that they are back and going to stay!

    You can see all these here AWARDS and on the Users Page

    Following are some of the Awards curated by the @Global-Moderators.

    Hella Avatar User
    Award given to users who's profile is so unique, eye- catching and can pull anyone's curiosity. Makes one think, what this profile stands for.

    Darling of the Crowd
    Award given to users who can capture everyone's attention, and for those who's mere flash of the name can strike an impact to users because of natural wit, aura and charm.

    Best Tws User
    This award is given to someone who is revered by the users of TWS for their immense dedication and punctuality for the betterment of the users and the site.

    Pubchat Reviver
    This award is given to users who indulges in senselessly humorous talks and encourages others to voice their opinion too, and never will let the chat in CPR mode..

    Funniest User
    This is given to users who act silly, tell funny jokes, say odd things and still captures one's heart, and tickles our tummy with his/her sense of humor.

    Best Replies Twsian
    This award is given to users who are ultimately filled with wittiness, creativity and a lot of good thoughts in replying a certain topic or post.

    Voice Chat Legend - Silver Medal
    Sometimes talking with strangers is tough. This medal is given to active users who entertain people with their voice and have playfully engaged and encouraged others to turn their mic on.

    Memes god - Bronze Medal
    This award is given to users who have a penchant of making others laugh via quirky memes and creative replies on topics.

    Cutest Couple - Silver Medal
    This award is given to those love buddies who have found each other on TalkWithStranger, talked together and fell in love with each other. And they are still happily living & inspiring other single users around.

    Best Debater - Silver Medal
    Best Debater Award is given to those people who have exceptionally well debating skills, they can argue, they know how to defend their arguments, start discussions and keep others engaged. They know how to write things worth discussing about.

    The Oldest User - Bronze Medal
    The Oldest User award is given to those users who joined TWS long ago and are regularly active in the community. Loyal users who keep returning to TWS since they became an integral part of this community. Respect!

    Most Creative Person - Silver Medal
    Most Creative Person award is given to users who have made awesome posts and topics. They have been the most creative in posting topics and have demonstrated creativity by sharing knowledge graciously with other users.

    The Hottest User - Bronze Medal
    The Hottest User award is given to those who have the hottest chats with other users. Those who have demonstrated hotness in their topics, posts, pictures and relationships. The hottest topics posted on the community, uploaded most viral pictures and posts or hosted the hottest discussions of all time.

    Most Active User - Silver Medal
    Most Active User award can be given to those users who have been the most active members of the community. They have shown high activity by being extremely active and one of the first to respond or reply to topics posted by others. The users deserving this award are highly active on topics, public chat and in other areas of the website.

    Most Sexiest User - Bronze Medal
    The Sexiest User award is given to those users who act sexy, stay cool and remain on the wanted list of everyone. Sexiness surrounds these users due to their attractive attitude and cool demeanor.

    Most Cutest Person - Bronze Medal
    The Cutest Person award is given to those users who have demonstrated cute behavior and not just keeping up a cute appearance. Their words, topics, posts, pictures or they can themselves be cute!

    Most Funniest User - Bronze Medal
    The Funniest User award is given to those users who have shown a fun or humorous attitude and behavior throughout their time on the chatrooms community. The users who have posted fun topics, pictures and helped keep TWS fun deserve this award. Cheers!

    Best Story Teller - Gold Medal
    Best Story Teller award is given to those users who have shared many long and extended real life stories. Those who have been graciously sharing thought provoking ideas and other thoughtful topics based on their or their friend's life experiences.

    Best Topic Maker - Gold Medal
    Best Topic Maker is awarded to those users who have created amazing and awesome topics on a continuous basis. This award belongs to the users who post high quality content and share new topics most actively in the community with our other users. Their topics create engaging discussions and keep other people entertained regularly.

    Most Helpful Person - Gold Medal
    Most Helpful Person award is for those kind users who have provided the most sincere and genuine help to other users of the website.

    Here was our last Awards Ceremony

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    That's great :)

  • @TalkWithStranger
    I’m gonna be the sexiest limeee ever! 😉
    And my mom’s gonna be sooo proud of me!! 😭

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  • @TalkWithStranger how come i dont hve an award here. Im activ 24/7 :smirk: