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    TRIGGERED WARNING Scroll to bottom if you dont care
    Mannnnn im so sick and tired of people being put down for what they believe in. I was at work yesterday and someone told me, “If you really are dating a Muslim, then you are not a real Christian.” FIGHT. ME. They proceeded to bad mouth all the people. Terrorists. Violent. Etc etc. but seriously?! Later on that day they were discussing Catholics. I am very very Catholic and they knew this. “Catholics believe in cannabolism.” BITCH. At this point, yo gurl was triggered af. By the time i was done, two of the dudes were fired and one was suspended.
    If you EVER talk bad about someone for what they believe, generalize about a whole group of people, you do not have my respect. Because you dont deserve it. Calling someone inhuman for this reason, makes you inhuman. If this topic creates any arguments, supporting my coworkers, dont even bother, because your shitty view mean nothing to me.

    Onto the topic now lol, i am Catholic, have been since the day I was born. Your turnnnnnn

  • Yo my family believes in hinduism.
    But i don't want to belong to any religion.
    I've been always believing in humanity and so i belong to this religion called Humanity.

  • I am muslim and i believe in humanity. Those mofos need to be jailed. The world cant be treated like that.
    Cuz we are one!
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    I'm a Hindu and I guess most of the Indians here are.And as for the gods...there are 330 million in the Hindu mythology! 0_1517671730666_giphy.gif

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    @willoww I'm Hindu and i believe in Hinduism as well as Humanity. We are the people who separated ourselves in the name of religion, caste, sub caste blah blah blah...But still i treat everyone in the same way!!

  • I didn't know you were a catholic. I used to think you identified yourself as a caprisunian.

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  • My religion is something which would make me different from any one else on this site... I think probably I am the only one of this religion and that's "Jain" Caste but yeah Strength lies in unity so u can count me in Hindus.

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    @sup dude thats dopeeeee. Imma come back once i learn all their names. Brb

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    @willoww ttyl ttyl

  • @black_beetle exactly we all the same regardless of race,religion ect...

  • @willoww I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic. I can’t stand it when anyone is discriminated against based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or anything else along those lines. I’m one of the nicest people you will ever meet but that kind of discrimination is a trigger so watch out if you have the balls to discriminate someone in front of me. I will make you regret the day you were born. Pheewwww ok I’m good now lol. Onto the question I am nondenominational Christian.

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    @football_m29 oh yes! I've seen in some video about this, like people from different countries they come and they'll give their own sample saliva to the researcher and they'll test that saliva and they'll tell them that they are biochemically similar i guess!!!

  • @black_beetle There is one video where they collected a group of people and then their DNA's were tested. Some of them even found common ancestry despite of living in different countries.

  • @football_m29 Exactly!
    The only 1% people who are different are the ones who use 'their' and 'there' in the wrong places.

  • Islam is my religion

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    @sammy whoa! I love your gif !! ✌🏻️✌🏻️

  • @willoww damn, look at you all
    Hindus, Islamist and Christians ...

    Did anyone ever explained "what does religion mean ??? To you ???

  • I believe that the topic wasnt about discussion on religions, we all the same. It depends on how we practise religion, how we treat each other. A person can be atheist and still might not have humanity and might judge everyone regarding their faith and beliefs. What matters most is how u treat others.
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    @willoww I do not have any religion, do not believe that god exists and think all religion is cancer.

    god is not great, religion poisons everything.

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