what’s your religion and why do u think that is the best???

  • what’s your religion and why do u think that is the best???

  • I am writing from a secular perspective and not from a religious perspective:
    1.zakat (poor tax) is obligatory which can play a significant role to eradicate poverty.
    2. this religion can strongly influence (May be this religion is one of the strongest ) a person as it is obligatory to pray at least 5 times a day,fast 1 month a year starting from dawn to dusk
    3. It is difficult for a person to leave the religion after entering it because of fear of afterlife and also because of some of its rituals
    4. it includes perfect punishment for crimes that can lessen crimes to a great extent (for example, death sentence for rape)
    5. This religion suggests not to do racial/ethnic/caste discrimination. Last prophet of this religion said in his farewell speech,"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor does a black have any superiority over white except by piety and good action."(source : Sahih Mslm,Tirmizi etc.)So it can ultimately remove /lessen certain discriminations
    6. this religion had been the influence for creation of diverse strong and longlasting empires
    7. Maintaining inner peace just like other religions
    8. It can help to escape moral dilemmas by fixing certain rules just like many other religions
    9. its certain ceremonies like eid ul adha can boost up the economy
    10. not being charitable for the able ones is considered a sin in this religion.it says that a non-charitable person would be punished after death. so, by provoking charity it can ultimately help the betterment of the society
    11.Alcohol and probably also addictive substances are prohibited.it can increase productivity and lessen crimes including murdering someone unconsciously
    12. it criticizes(and may be forbids) forced marriage of women. it has fixed the highest number a man could marry (probably no other religion fixed this)
    13.By regularly giving Azan regularly 5 times(a kind of loud recitation of short verses for a few minutes), its external existence prevails
    But,may be most of its followers don't follow it completely (yes they follow to a great extent but also ignores to a great extent). and many have misconceptions regarding this religion

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    Well i think Christianity is the best because it gives us the freedom to live life how we like it also in most religions women are discriminated while Christian laws dictate that all are equal.

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    @99mBD u did a great job at giving non-Muslims an insight into Islam Masha ALLAH

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    I am a Christian by heart, and cosmopolitan by nature. I have no favoured religions, as I believe all faiths are intertwined and lead up to Him. However, I am shamefully witnessing hate against Islam, which is, Masha allah, such a large and prosperous religion. I love and respect everybody, as goes with my life's motto 🙂

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