• So since the day i have come this website , i have had to deal with so many haters just randomly cursing me and calling me a terrorist or talking about what a bad person i am because im from Iran. Also some assume im dumb or i cant write nor speak English just for the same reason.
    This is to the people above, it is not my fault how the government acts also not my fault that the media makes everything big. We have no choice on where we are born but we have a choice on how we grow on selves. So just assuming all those negative things without even knowing the person is straight up racist and dumb. Not everything you see or hear is true. Also if i have an opinion about sth doesnt mean i have it becauee of my religion. Religion is to guide you. What you do and believe in is on you and your power of thinking. I dont do what i dont want to! So please stop with all the hate towarda religion and our countries. And just try to know each other first

  • @Alireza-iran I was born in Corona, CA... Does this mean I spread Covid???

    But on a more serious note.. I feel for you and for others that judge people based on where they are from. I keep my dms open for a reason. I give everyone a chance to have a chat and I have met great people from everywhere (also a lot of fucking idiot pervs ;) )

    I am glad to have met you! You are a nice guy and we have a lot of interests in common :)

  • @Sassy thank you. Same goes to you

  • Ignorant people don't hate countries or religions, they hate everything, even knowledge. They hate anything that is different from them because they don't understand it and will never try to do it. Because judging is easier than understanding.
    There are people who pour out their anger and frustration on others, become haters, perhaps hating only themselves and their life. You shouldn't justify yourself, your words demonstrate great wisdom and good analytical thinking. Italy is not the mafia, in Germany it is not Nazism and the Arab countries are not terrorists .. history teaches so much and more. In Iran, then, there are beautiful tulip fields, a great poetic culture.
    Dear friend, a painting is for some a masterpiece or for others a simple color thrown at random .. some people see the world like this, as art or as a mix of colors on a palette :)

  • @Shardana i was actually going to sleep right now and reading this gave me a really good smile and honestly the way you wrote all of that shows you are smart and nice as well. thank you a lot for making my day.