• Lots of people are grumpy about religion nowdays, and the last thing I wanna do is stir up a bitter and unwinnable debate on a site as chill as TWS. But there's no denying that Sunday is -or was- mainly a religious thing.

    Can you hear the church bells from where you are? Do they wind you up, or do you like them?

    Do you ever go INSIDE your local church? What kinda stain glass windows u got? I like it because looking at them is like a free trip ...if you're too scared to take acid.

    What would you use your local church for if it wasn't a church?

    Do you think you could peruade your vicar to ring the bells if Man City win the league today? Or, alternatively, play a slow funeral dirge if the Bindippers win? (I'm joking, I like Man City and Liverpool, so it's win-win in my book -- although I DO got £17 riding on Pep's Boyz).

    Hey, maybe we could turn some of those disused churches into betting shops?

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  • The £17 punt worked quite well for ya, eh?
    I wonder why you didn’t bet more afterall, the writing was on the Wall.

  • @Indrid-Cold I move around a good amount and theres this one city where I stay and you can hear the church bells from the place I stay at, and the church is beautiful, but not all churches look like churches. I once got invited to a Christian church and when I went it was in someones house, there was a stage and a pastor just like a normal church, but from the outside it looked like an ordinary house with a lot of cars parked outside.

  • Oh but it's already Monday here

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