Open Discussion On The Decline Of Masculinity. Why's, How's and How-To-Fix-It's

  • On The Decline Of Masculinity…

    Men are dropping out of colleges. They are graduating less and with lower scores from universities. Male suicides and depression are on the rise.

    We have also become extremely solitary beings. More and more we seek friendship, relationships and just about any kind of social connection we can from the internet, and while this is not necessarily inherently a bad thing, many of us have opted out of real social interaction in exchange of virtual for the most part. I feel that we should be building groups and small communities of male groups, "tribes" and "clans" of kinds, to help each other out to become better men in all aspects of our lives. This, from my personal experience, is something that men really, truly need other men for.

    Many women now view men as ”obsolete” and there are a ton of reasons for this.

    One of the more controversial reasons for this is the part that the modern woman herself has played together with the always changing and adapting society and it’s unwritten rules of daily conduct.

    The fact is, that men do not feel the need to try hard to become the ”man” that the woman needs. Now that more and more women are career driven, they become independent from men. They can pay for their own food, rent, medical bills, basically today women are more capable of financial independence (at least in the western world). We, men, are simply not necessary for women in this regard anymore.

    Also, with the modern feminism has come the beating down of men in every way, shape and form. I do hold modern third wave feminism and social justice to be one of the main reasons for the decline of masculinity.

    I would like to point out that I think the freedom of choice between careers and families for women is a vital point of the democratic western world culture and I’m all for it.
    This freedom, however, when the current culture drives to push ALL women to the working force, causes many great problems and issues.

    I originally had planned to write a longer, more detailed piece about my views and personal experiences and opinions on the matter, but I came to the conclusion that this site could really benefit from having a proper issue for a topic and hopefully I can strike up some discussion and I PRAY FOR ALL THE GODS at least a semi-civilized debate.

    And just in case I get asked this, no I’m not a MGTOW, I find majority of MGTOW to be as batshit insane as the modern feminists.

  • Finally, this is the one useful post I have come across on this site so far. Now my faith on this community has been restored. Looking forward to see what guys/men have to say on this!

    thanks for the good post!

  • @W--a--v--e--y said in Open Discussion On The Decline Of Masculinity. Why's, How's and How-To-Fix-It's:

    I would like to point out that I think the freedom of choice between careers and families for women is a vital point of the democratic western world culture and I’m all for it.
    This freedom, however, when the current culture drives to push ALL women to the working force, causes many great problems and issues.

    well said!

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  • @W--a--v--e--y Great contribution. I agree with some of the points here especially where it concerns third wave feminism(also called neo-liberal feminism). It has played a major role in the eroding relationships between men and women. The society and government accomodates the extremist propaganda as well. You can see it in the advertisements,in the institutions of learning especially college campuses. I was shocked to see an article titled "How to Raise a Feminist Son" from the NYtimes and the article reads like pure neo-liberal feminist propaganda terror. feminism suffers from trying to make one sex like the other. Why not raise girls to be the best, most empowered women possible, and teach what it means to be a man to boys? I don't think we should downplay what it is to be a man or a woman but rather embrace our differences and just be the best individuals we can be. But feminism wants more than just equality,hell they stopped caring about equality when people can write batshit insane articles like that one. Feminism is not female superiority and that's what these extremists refuse to acknowledge. I also agree that we have become solitary beings in general,there is less social interaction anywhere i go,not just on this platform but even in MMOs designed for social interaction. Not all tradition is bad. The traditional way of socializing;that is to go out and meet people at an event and speak with them face to face is an irreplacable experience of human social interaction which no amount of sophisticated advances in technology could ever best or should.... Apart from the MGTOW movements or Men's Right's Activists, there have been more moderate groups that are not as batshit insane as you have pointed out.They have a more moderate or balanced approach. No anger,no lashing out,just straight facts,with solutions, such as this community on reddit

  • @Emma Don't ever lose hope, here we're still a few, so anyone of us can be marked by the difference, like this guy did.
    We are the first ones, and if people keep bringing this kind of topic, one way or another, this site will eventually become interesting.
    My applause to @W a v e y

  • The reason for this happening is the extreme support woman have, weahter at the relationships, job market, social meetings, mostly everywhere.
    People pick up to the past to justify the ends (in this case). Once woman were left stand alone to take care of the familly, to cook, to clean. Today there were given much more oportunity to these, but the things are getting ridiculous.
    Most of these cases occur on companies whose the boss is a girl. Or a drooled guy which easily brings up the woman.

    As @bunyonb said, there's lot of articles related to feminism, i also read one about it, it's title was "Great and greater", it was applied to the feminist movements, which lead to the overlaping one gender to another, like literally.

    Now that they command, they all have the oportunity to bring back their personal life frustrations (caused by man), tell how fragile they are, and apply it to the modern world, which is a common part of the social protocol - Most man are disrespectful, pig, unloyal, etc.
    Well, i don't think this is happening for no reason.

    Lastly, I want to detatch that I'm not against woman and with the man, i tried to be the most impartial I could.

    My opinion about this isn't very accurate, but i like to share my opinion's with everyone :)
    #We_have_to_wake_up (this doesn't mean killing woman)