The reason for this happening is the extreme support woman have, weahter at the relationships, job market, social meetings, mostly everywhere. People pick up to the past to justify the ends (in this case). Once woman were left stand alone to take care of the familly, to cook, to clean. Today there were given much more oportunity to these, but the things are getting ridiculous. Most of these cases occur on companies whose the boss is a girl. Or a drooled guy which easily brings up the woman. As @bunyonb said, there's lot of articles related to feminism, i also read one about it, it's title was "Great and greater", it was applied to the feminist movements, which lead to the overlaping one gender to another, like literally. Now that they command, they all have the oportunity to bring back their personal life frustrations (caused by man), tell how fragile they are, and apply it to the modern world, which is a common part of the social protocol - Most man are disrespectful, pig, unloyal, etc. Well, i don't think this is happening for no reason. Lastly, I want to detatch that I'm not against woman and with the man, i tried to be the most impartial I could. My opinion about this isn't very accurate, but i like to share my opinion's with everyone #We_have_to_wake_up (this doesn't mean killing woman)