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    So, I do a lot of reading. I wake up in the night, due to the angst, and the existential terror? I read a book. Hence I get through a lot of books.

    In England, we have an arrangement, where you can take your finished books to your local public phonebox, where you'll find shelves and shelves of books, and just swap them for some new ones. The question I need resolved is this:

    If I take in a book, does that give me the right, -- if I want -- to take one of the books that I HATE and just throw it away instead of reading it?

    Just to stress, I wouldnt be throwing away rubbish books. If people want to read books that are rubbish, that's fine. I'd be throwing away books that're blatantly sh1t.

    Because, y'know, there's Caitlin Moran books, and Alastair Campbell books that're just ripe for throwing away. But at the same time, I don't want to do anything immoral, or be a book fascist. Eh?

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  • @spaceboy I will not let the power go to my head.

  • @Indrid-Cold I don't know man, every book has a reader. Although you sound like you know a lot about books, so you do what you have to do 😁