• My name is Indrid Cold and I stand before you with the following proposition: I'm tired of police procedural shows clogging up the TV networks. This weekend, the newspapers have been full of 'Line of Duty'. I don't watch it. Maybe it's a good show, maybe it's not -- but I say it's flawed on a conceptual level. Cop shows are like Disney-era Star Wars. They might be slightly entertaining, but do they need to exist? Do they add anything new to the genre? In my opinion, stuff like Line of Duty just exposes people who slavishly watch terrestrial or non-web TV. It's cheap.

    Y'know. I rate Miami Vice. I rate The Wire, True Detective. But no more, eh?

    And also, 'National Treasure' Vicki McClure just looks like a pouty drunk woman in all the Line of Duty publicity shots. What's all that about?


  • I guess it gives the rising talent something 'action hero' to do when they refuse to accept lots of small roles in films or Hollywood blockbusters. They are wasting their talent a bit on television. Look at Samuel Jackson... He was on the grind for decades as a film actor taking anything that he could in any genre. He is a Jedi now!