• What's your opinion of The Jeremy Kyle Show? If you're a yanqui and don't know it, it's kind of like Jerry Springer, but Kylie puts more of an emphasis on actually helping the punters with their family chaos (and he's always got a face like thunder, which shows how seriously he takes it).

    There's a view among a lot of people that the guests are slags or chavs (again, if you're Yanqui, I think that probably translates as 'Trailer Trash' and 'Goldiggers'). Which I reckon is a bit unfair. People of all sorts have dramatic problems in their lives: The Jeremy Kyle Show is just an outlet. Plus, isn't there a slight, slight, slight chance that the show is just a kind of post-working-class version of rich people putting down megabucks for a proper mediator?

    Hey, maybe I can fill the vacuum, and set myself up as the Jeremy Kyle of TWS? I might be good at it.


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    Who kylie?

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