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    (Spider-man, Black Panther, Ghost Rider)

    The late great Jim Morrison said, "You CANNOT petition the Lord with prayer!"

    In fact, he said it with such VEHEMENCE that everyone did a somersault in mid air, like Charlie Brown on the baseball mound.

    I mean, you could petition the Lord with prayer, but He'd probably just sit there nonchalant, not answering, like Bruce Willis on the One Show.

    UNTIL NOW. Because I believe that if enough TWS 'characters' upvote this post, it'll be so spiritually transgressive, it'll be the holy equivalent of Alex Jones (or whatever her name is) turning round to Bruce Willis and saying, "Now look. You don't want to be here. I don't want to be here. But while you're sitting on that sofa, YOU ARE ON THE ONE SHOW. SO START PLAYING THE GAME".

    And in the unlikely event there's any evangelical Christians about, I have massive respect for your thinking, and I'm only partially being flippant and sacrilegious. Who knows? Maybe this is the way it works? Maybe if enough people wish for the rapture, they just vanish ala The Leftovers? Maybe everyone else just forgets they ever existed? After all, are you honestly telling me that it's an efficient use of God's time-and-effort to just tease us along until we're all old people in an old people's home, just sitting there playing Playstation 2 games?

    Maybe I'm a bad person, and won't be making the crossing, and I'll just melt like those lads from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Well, at least we'll know one way or another. And for now, I've got a good feeling.

    C'mon chant with me, RAPTURE, RAPTURE, RAPTURE, RAPTURE


  • @Indrid-Cold If only this chanting provided us all with that holy version of Alex Jones (or whatever her name is).