• My name is Indrid Cold and I want to wear a cowboy hat.

    I've noticed that a lot of punters have been using TWS to try and solve the Meaning of Life, or find the elusive, Don Quixotian nature of reality, or talk to girls, but I thought I'd ask one of the most important, complex and fundamental questions of all: ROCK the cowboy hat or NOT the cowboy hat? I've entered all the pro's and con's, AS I CURRENTLY SEE THEM, into the central processing core of my DATA BANKS, but as yet, the outcome is inconclusive.

    First of all, obviously, if you live in Arizona, or Texas, or Missouri, you're more or less entitled to wear a cowboy hat without ANY kind of social justification. HOWEVER, I am a well-spoken Englishman, with a crisp English accent, and non-combative under normal circumstances.
    What makes me think I have even a GHOST of a chance of pulling off this fashion derring? Well, for one thing, I live in the countryside. I wouldn't DREAM of wearing a cowboy hat in a city, because if even a cool guy like Marshal Raylan Givens gets a hard time for doing it, what chance have I got? But in the prairies, and canyons, and grassy valleys where I live, which could easily double for Montana, or Boulder - I reckon it wouldn't look too disingenuous.

    There is also this: there is ZERO precedence for English people wearing cowboy hats in 2019, and that makes it a hi-risk gambit. For around ten years, I wore a waistcoat. I was famous for wearing very modest, felt or houndstooth waistcoats. And then effing Gareth 'he did slightly, slightly, slightly better than Terry Venables' Southgate came along, and this town wasn't big enough for the both of us. I believe it's this summer that the new 'Deadwood' film is coming out, and if it looks like I'm just copying that, I'll look like like a RIGHT dic k.

    Is fashion like buck-buck-buckaroo (from MB Games), but on a person? I already wear a leather jacket and a (semi) poncey watch. Would I need to give up one of these accesories if I wanted to then add a cowboy hat? I get the feeling I would.

    So finally, if we successfully establish my right / and or BRAVERY to wear a cowboy hat, which type should I go for? My initial thoughts (from watching films) is that traditionally, bad guys wear black hats with very flat brims and a rounded front, whereas good guys wear a lighter colour with slightly tapered edges. In my soul, I am a bad guy, so it's probably best I have elements of both ...and it also begs the question, the super-morally-ambiguous, spiritually-profound WESTWORLD is still on TV, and if my wearing a cowboy hat opens me up for having conversations about THE NATURE OF REALITY, that can only b a good thing, right?

    This is what I've had my eye on so far, courtesy of Yul Brynner:



  • well i have some qualms with your arguments first of all there are some people who can wear the cowboy hat in the city take for examble the famous new york cowboy, but then again the cowboy hat has taken another meaning in the lgbt comunity so if i would be you i would wear a cow boy hat but only to speacial ocaisions, but my view and forgive me to be so ignorant you should rock the cowboy hat sometims just signefay that you belive in freedom

    alt text

    yes this is one of the bigger points of fashion history and yes this is being argued heavaly but i belive you should have the freedom to wear the cowboy hat and not be killed if you look good in it
    if you dont kill that peasant

    sorry not sorry

    kill most people who wear cowboy hats

  • @Indrid-Cold Wear whatever you want. Cowboy hat, no cowboy hat, clothes, no clothes. Its your body, your life, your decisions. And if anyone judges you then that's okay because they'll judge you anyway right? 😂

  • @alkal33 I mean, you could kill most people who wear cowboy hats, but would you use a regular gun or an antique six shooter?

  • @Indrid-Cold
    atique shooter duh this siri gotta keep with the theme