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    Boredom seems to be a major theme of this site.

    What if boredom spread like an incurable virus, and destroyed the human race? Worse than it's already getting destroyed by capitalism?

    Speaking as a mush who's always too busy or self-absorbed to get bored, I'm not that bothered --I'd be interested to see what it's like. Before, I've needed to drive an acquaintance to hospital late at night, with no phone, nothing to read or do, and I've just been fine for hours on end. It's a kind zen thing.

    Fo sho I prevaricate when I've got more important things to (h-h-hu-hu-HUH-HUH - IT'S WHAT I'M DOING NOW), but that's VERY different to being bored, right?

    I think being bored is probably a really good thing. There'd be plenty of worse ways for the human race to go. We'd all die knowing fo sho that we're not living up to our full potential for fun, meaning we'd DEFINITELY find it in the afterlife. Or maybe it's just like