• Well, well, well.

    TWS may have let you forget your sins from the past two weeks, but THE GOOD LORD HAS NAE. For it is Sunday. Pastor Indrid's confessional booth is open. GERTCHA.

    Possible crimes: 1. Laziness. 2. Disrespecting UK Parliament. 3. Breaking the speed limit. 4. Lost control, did a roll. 5. General daft laddery.


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  • @Indrid-Cold

    I hacked into tws db and broke it and now tws got a rollback 😏

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Well well well, what can I say Rev. Cold .... for this has been a week of sins.... oh my, let me tell you...

    To begin this week was a good week, a pleasure and grace.....
    My downfall was the minor sin of jaywalking.... to the distress of a bus driver, who very kindly flipped the bird in recognition of my dasterdly act.
    I have have spent to much time in denial for the real world when the matrix we reside becomes oh so comfy.
    Whitin the confines of another area of the matrix, I have laughed at some of the comments of other's when .... frankly, I shouldn't. Such comments they cannot pass these finger tips of mine :O

    Then there have been the many abrupt comments to those that try to sin against other's .... comments that could of been more subtle in this world of strange.

    Alsa, my final sin's of the week .. I still am at a stage where our oh so beloved Ms. May and her peers of inadiquacy seem to be failing us.... I will always question why the common man is not working to help out nation grow and thrive, when the peers of inadiquacy are simply out for themsevles and to make others look bad and cause great harm to the nation, for my thought's concerning these have not been of a "community spirited nature". Which has lead me to self loathing and leading to personal destruction ...

    You see now Rev. Cold that this has been that of a trying week for me.... alas the confessional, praise to the Rev. Cold for this service.....
    praise the lord
    praise the lord

  • @Lurker We all of us make grievous hacking errors when we're young. I once hacked in to Ceefax and advertised a bogus whist drive, which all the old ladies flocked to in vain. I know that the nuclear codes are safe in your heart, my son. GO IN PEACE.

  • @Durwin That is truly a weekus horribilous, but Durwin, you must remember that these things are sent to try us. Just as the workings of The Matrix are being undermined, we must have faith that soon the whole human race will see the bizarreness of a human child born of a union between Gerald Scarfe's Mrs Thatcher cartoon and the robot from Star Wars: Rogue One (Theresa May), and we shall all WAKE from our slumber into a new age of enlightenment. Longo vivas tempore et bene sit.

  • @Lurker said in It's Sunday ...CONFESS:


    I hacked into tws db and broke it and now tws got a rollback 😏

    I wonder if my long post might actually have had something to do with it :thinking_face: after all TWS couldn't process it and sent only 10% notifications out (only up to c like @Catwoman). :yum:

  • @pe7erpark3r Your huge list of names, yes. Its worth noting that the God of the Internet has a VERY short attention span. I recently tried to look up the cast and crew of Krzysztof Kieslowski's Dekalog on IMDB and it was VERY iffy. Suffice to say, Mr Park3r, I will pray for you to avoid being lynched by other TWS users. Longa vita et pax Iedienses advenimus.

  • @Lurker hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • @unknowncat said in It's Sunday ...CONFESS:

    @Lurker hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    What???? :joy:

  • i need a boyfriend

  • @Lindsay-Keiser ping back

  • SINNER SINNER CHICKEN DINNER. (ushers TWS users into confession booth like Dad's Army episode where platoon rounds up chickens)

    IT IS TIME (to confess) and let in a new age of brotherhood for all mankind.

    Possible crimes: 1. Larking around. 2. Messing with the Venezuelan government. 3. Driving thru a built-up area with your headlights on full beam. 4. Driving thru a built-up area with your headlights on full beam and breaking the speed limit by 1mph. 5. Driving thru a built-up area with your headlights on full beam and breaking the speed limit by 1mph and blasting out 2 Unlimited on your stereo and driving with your elbows while eating KFC.



  • One of my parishoners arrived at the BBC News HQ as a guest paper reviewer. He'd written '(M)uck all snowflakes' on his forehead in felt tip. The make-up lady was so confused she jumped out of a window and now she could die. I still forgave him, though. Ignosco tibi cogito, daft lad.


  • hahha this is nice..
    hmmm, I procastinate a lot and sometimes I forgot to talk amnd thank God

  • @cjko Procrastination is human. In prehistoric times we procrastinated just drawing on cave walls when we should have been hunting. In the 80's, we procrastinated watching cartoons and Top of the Pops. Today we're procrastinating on sillyboy websites. Totum tempus remittuntur, innit.

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