• I don't even offence or anything To Any Muslims Or Whatsoever, I'm Just Wondering Is The ISS Doing Terrorist Stuff Thingy Becuase Is It Told Islam?

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    Im not muslim but i talked to some ppl when i was in germany that follow the islamic state. And they do it because they interprete their holy book that way

  • @Cute-Kitty They significantly deviate.

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    To explain precisely how would take a great deal of time and patience, but to summarise:
    These groups delve back into history, and take the positions of one extremist, such as Ibn Taymiyya (who lived 800 years ago), over the opinions of 100 other scholars who disagreed.

    Already, this puts them on a collision course with the mainstream Islam, because they’re going against the consensus, often of many centuries.

    They then take Ibn Taymiyya’s point, and extend it to an extreme significantly beyond even Taymiyya himself.

    For example, Ibn Taymiyya said it was permissible to fight other Muslims, whereas traditional viewpoints said this was to be avoided wherever possible.

    The context was the Mongol invasions at the time, when some Muslim soldiers were in the Mongol army. The dilemma was whether it was permissible to fight against them.
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    However, even Ibn Taymiyya still believed the traditional prohibition on harming civilians applied - you could still not harm women or children or non-combatants.

    Groups like ISIS ignore all limitations, calls to moderation, and traditional Islamic restrictions on their action (such as not hurting civilians), but take the part about fighting fellow Muslims, to justify their own takfiri extremist actions.

    So they are in effect taking a minority viewpoint, then warping that viewpoint to an even more extreme position than even the original scholar intended. They also borrowed the concept of “Total War”, a non-Islamic idea which originated in the west (ironically), and use that to argue that in the modern age, everyone is a participant in the world system and is therefore a legitimate target, including civilians.

    There’s a lot more to it than that - Ibn Taymiyya is just one example of many. They also take a lot of their ideas from Sayyid Qutb (who was condemned as a heretic by the prestigious al Azhar university in Cairo for his belief that jihad should be used to overthrow states in the Muslim countries), and people like Hasan al Bana (who called for jihad against the colonial foreign invaders in the Middle East, but was assassinated by the Egyptian secret police for his political activities).

    There are several good books available which go into a lot more detail on exactly how these extremists differ from mainstream Islam. These explain how groups like ISIS arrived at their twisted, warped conclusions, by a rather long process of watering down all the traditional Islamic restrictions on warfare, ignoring all rules and cherry picking only the controversial, minority opinions that go against centuries of consensus, to arrive at their twisted ideology.

    I would recommend anyone interested to read the following books, they’re all available on Amazon and no doubt other online book stores:

    Refuting ISIS - Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi
    Heaven on Earth: A Journey Through Sharia Law - Sadakat Kadri (western human rights lawyer)
    No God But God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam- Reza Aslan
    Misquoting Muhammad - J.A.C. Brown
    The First Muslim - Lesley Hazleton
    A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes - Tamim Ansary
    A Bouquet of Noble Hadith - Abu Nasdr Muhammad Ibn Wad’an
    God: A Human History - Reza Aslan
    A final note, this post is a lot shorter than it could be, having answered these kind of questions before I trust readers can do their own research and reach their own opinions. I hope that this reading list is helpful.

    Thanks for reading.


  • @emilyyyyy umm i dont think that's correct 🤔😅

  • Since I've studied the quran and religion it doesn't say to kill anyone and forbids killing anyone if they are innocent. It's not the religion, its just a group who call them muslims by name. It doesn't permit ISS.. It says in the quran to defend your religion then spread it.

  • Ya allah.. Istiqhfar...

  • No it does not allow it

  • @emilyyyyy Yeah interpret it their way it doesnt necessarily mean thats correct

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