Does evil exist? What is your definition of evil?

  • Tell me your opinions.

  • If evil exists, then humanity would be considered evil. I don't believe there is such thing as evil since it is everyone's free will to make any decision or action. When it has to do with morality, evil in my terms are people who do things completely immoral for any reason, even with them knowing or caring about the consequences. I hate to bring up religion but if Good created things that are good, then why does evil exist? People only use the word evil to call someone who did something immoral.

  • @hermes everyone has a little bit of good, everyone has a little bit of bad. Some people do extra in both areas, and most people do just a little to make themselves feel content with themselves, or just feel like a bad person. There's nothing wrong with people who want to do too much good, but usually too much evil comes from people in a bad place. What really fixes "evil" is a society that supports everyone the correct way, and curbs our worst urges.

  • St. Augustine was a rich pagan who became a Christian and he claime evil was not an entity but a lack of good. Just as darkness exists because no light is present - evil exists because no goodness is present.

  • @γαητα I am the definition of evil

  • I believe that everything in order to exist have to have something equivalent opposite to it
    So if there is good indeed there is evil
    While the definition may vary according to different contexts or status we need to define evil with, also ones may have different views and what I see evil another may see good
    But ultimately the undisputed matters that considered evil for me are sickness and stubidity and I think stupidity is the most evil because it's not only harming you also others
    And how I define stupid; is ANYTHING DISTURBING & DAMAGING