There is evidence for God's existence. What do you think?

  • It's easy to say that you don't believe what you don't see, and then talk about ancient history like you know what happened. We CAN believe what other people have seen.

    This includes Jesus raised from the dead. People who saw Him alive after His death were willing to die for their testimony that they knew He rose from the dead. A creed that historians trace to only a few years after His death says over 500 people saw Him. People die for lies, but lies they're told. The eyewitnesses who were killed for belief in Jesus in the first century knew whether He really rose or not; they had seen it! So they weren't deceived, nor were they lying-if they were, they would have renounced their faith to escape death.

  • Well shit dude....

  • @FHLEndure #1 the bible is full of shit, contradicts itself and is full of hideous views, doctrines and lifestyle recommendations #2 there is still a flat earth society ffs #3 i believe there WAS a guy called jesus but he wasn't the son of god (who #4 doesn't exist) he was an illusionist a la davids Copperfield and Blaine, water into wine, walking on water etc. Kind of like the Dynamo of his day, people's minds would have been blown but it was sleight of hand, cunning tricks etc #5 it may not sound like it but i do respect other views on the existence of a supreme being and faith, just doesn't work for me personally

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  • What do you think? Do believe God exists?

  • @Happy_Pills jesus would be proud, the layabout pretended to be dead for 3 days just to avoid work and then wanted everyone to send him chocolate eggs (I'm paraphrasing a little but essentially correct)

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  • @FHLEndure did you here about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac? He lay awake at night wondering if dog existed ;)

  • @Scottish That was somewhat funny.

  • I find it interesting that you evaluate the Bible by its moral quality. What sort of things do you disagree with?

  • I've had to make some serious lifestyle changes because of the Bible, but I don't regret it.

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  • @FHLEndure said in There is evidence for God's existence. What do you think?:

    What do you think? Do believe God exists?

    Bro all those saying God doesn't exist are right. God can not exist, He can never exist, only man exist because of existence is time related. God IS that's the right thing to say is God (that higher power y'all non believers talking about) IS not exist.

    And to the bro saying the Bible contradicts itself, yeah you're right. But with ignorant minds you can never make sense out of it. I was once like many of you guys on this website, saying all kinds of foolish things and nobody showed me whatever and I'm not a religious person. But now I'm able to make sense out of the Bible and the only reason for that is I've the Spirit of God in me.

    The Bible is not religious, the Quran is not religious, they were never religious it's leaders and all these filth in the world causing devision that made them religious. These books are spiritual!! and unless you're guided by the Spirit of God you will and can never make sense out of them NEVER.

    So @Scottish if you want to understand the Bible you need to get spiritual and seek that "higher" power (God) you talking about with your heart. Nothing more nothing less, to be able to see you need believe first. Unless you believe in God you will never see.
    You can say all these is ulter bullish and it will be your problem, cuz me I've passed the state of believing. I'm at the state of Acknowledging.

    i Know! that me.

    Thank you

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    What do you mean there is evidence for God's existence ?. All religions abrahamic
    or pagan , takes personal experience as the most valuable evidence of God's existence. Which cannot be considered a scientific method due the presence of such variances in the experiences.
    What I believe is that when humans became conscious he started to make sense of his own and the universe's existence. Men couldn't bear the fact that they have to simply die without a higher purpose and without knowing the secrets of the universe. All Gods are the early human's attempt to explain the existence itself.
    Average human mind even with proper education still is fragile and incapable of comprehending the universe. Hence they need some kind of assurance that their life has a purpose and death is not an end. That some kind of final truth lies in the afterlife. They believe the God is the ultimate truth. I think people prefer this because its a simpler concept to comprehend compared to the actual science.

  • I remain unconvinced.

  • @heyandrea i remain convinced it's all a load of bullshit more to do with power, wealth and control than spirituality. Don't mind anyone thinking differently but I'm having none of it

  • The story of Jesus supposed death and resurrection could be a pointing to a higher truth, possibly

  • Well, here, have an upvote from me, @FHLEndure -- I ain't gonna leave you hanging.

    I like your belief. I don't know if I agree with your assessment, but I can say two things with 100 percent certainty: 1 - I wish it was true. 2 - The New Testament has been called the greatest story ever told -- and it is, without a doubt. Even if history didn't happen exactly as depicted in the King James Bible -- that's still quite an accomplishment, right?