• I have a friend. And we'll just name him Isaiah. He is a pretty good friend. And that's because of depression. He wants to kill himself. And so do I. But I swear to y'all, to the girl on the streets, to the boy with the knife, to y'all on the edge of that 7 story building, ready to jump, that it's okay. I understand you. I understand your suicide. I understand why you hold that knife, I know why you are on that building. but I also understand why it took you so long to grab the knife. And i understand why you hesitate before jumping. I am there for you and I think that all suicidal and depressed people should stay alive and if for no other reason, stay alive for me, stay alive for the other people. there's always someone who needs you. I know a lot of people who are mad at me right now because they think I'm hypocritical because I want to kill myself and I cut alot and I am so fricking suicidal. But I swear, I'd rather other people stay alive. Because it's so hard to tell myself what I tell you. I am here for you. Other people are there for you ( I swear it on everything). Twenty One Pilots is here. Don't Die. It'll Be Okay.

  • I don't even know how to say this but I think it's time to clear this matter for good first It's not about depression or suicide
    everywhere I see this post , second is that I could have said y it's easy but honestly the truth is that I don't want to betrayed or cheat someone who is closed to my heart(gf), sorry I didn't want to hurt but u heard it and that the truth if u know what I mean (real life). 👈

  • @i Hey haven't been on for forever so sry for not getting back to you. I get it, and I'm honestly saying thank you for posting this because what you said is exactly what I think sometimes and I'd love to hav the courage to say something like that but I don't. I know there are a lot of posts just like this, but for every one who thinks what you think, I'm dead fucking serious about this. (BTW, im a "goodie two shoes" and don't really curse except for when I am DEAD FUCKING SERIOUS! :) ) I promise you that I am most sincere about what I say because I get it. I get why ppl wanna kill themselves.

  • @noonenightsky , there is a saying that life is all about either boredom or suffering.
    on what side are you now?

  • Right now it's all about boredom but probably in the next second, it's gonna be about suffering.

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