I'm really depressed cause of my current sex life status, what can i do about it ?

  • I'm a 19 year old guy , i never had sex before, well that obviously means i'm a virgin, i've always been insecure when i'm talking to girls , had like 3,4 girlfriends but couldn't sleep with them , right now i can't find anyone because i'm not an open minded person and i get easly depressed when i see that my other friends are able to get to fuck i'm really jelaous because i don't know what is the feeling of it , any suggestions ?

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    well, sounds to me like you should take some time to chill out. it's not a race against time, you know? i mean, you're 19, you're still young and it's not too rare to be a virgin at your age.

    just give it some time, don't overthink it, take it slow & steady and you'll find the right person for you 😄

  • dude first stop stressing urself out.its life things happen at their own pace.search for ur soulmate /lover/partner.treat your partner with respect and go to beauty salon and gym ,look presentable people will flock to u.earn well .people will come in search of u ......relax and enjoy ur life.even if all fails nothing is lost .take babysteps.stop comparing urself with others.

  • When you’re 40, then you can have this crisis. Just relax about it, and make yourself available.

  • @Stoyan040405 I am 17 and have not done "it" either so chill dude the angels will sing when the time is right

  • I was a virgin till 22, not religious, not introvert just really insecure and not really good with them girls. As soon as I stopped worrying about it and stopped idealising it, it happened. @Stoyan040405 , don't worry about it, if it happened to me, I'm sure it will happen to you. I was and still am a Bald, fat and weird guy. If I got laid, pretty much everybody can. Don't idealize it tho... Be realistic and enjoy it when it happens

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    @Stoyan040405 Don't worry man, take it easy and things will work out! Everyone gets laid eventually 😁 You have to have faith!

  • Go to thailand

  • @Stoyan040405

    Hey don’t feel depressed. I use to have the same problem then I just desided to just be me. I like to get to know people fr I ask what they like do do in there spare time. U have to find at least one thing that u can click with and go from there. It’s not what u say but how u say it u also have to be complimentary on something about them. Like u have some very beautiful eyes for example or something that set them off from everyone else. Some people have the same qualities as others but make them feel better about it. U have what it takes to get someone just find out y you couldn’t keep them. HMU if you are interested in chatting more

  • @Stoyan040405 Don’t worry about it. When you meet the right girl. You will feel it. No need to force to do anything. Just let it be. She will be worth to wait for your first one:)

  • Thanks for the support guys it means a lot 🙂

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    As many have said, you're young and you don't need to stress about having sex. The plus side is that you have had girlfriends. That means there are other people who WANT to be in a relationship with you. When you are ready to have sex, it will happen.

    You mentioned "not open minded". Can you expand on that please?

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