What happens when you fall for your teacher? He gives you his number but you know he's a player?

  • You've left college. He gave you his number. Big attraction. But not a fan of heartbreak. (He's a player). But so bored and havnt had much male attention in a while. I know what's right. But doesn't make it any easier. 😔 Dude...I'm lonely. I'm too fucking young to be this lonely. My morals get in the way sometimes. Happy new year.

  • If you know what's right then what is stopping you

  • @Darla-Alphalfa

    If you are just lonely I'm sure you can get involved just for the fun of it but if you get an heartbreak it's cuz you developed feelings and for that I'd advise to look for a suitable more serious partner :p

  • @Darla-Alphalfa You've sort of answered yourself in your own question. You know what the outcome will be if you get involved. That leaves you with a choice, two options, and you need to decide which is best for your own well-being.

    You can get involved, have some fun, feel less lonely, but the long-term cost will be heartbreak. You can keep lonely a while longer, but protect yourself... if there is no happy medium and you cannot get involved without getting hurt, I am sure I know which I would choose.

    I strongly suspect you are worth something far better than what this man can offer you. Loneliness sucks for sure, but the right person will see you, accept you completely for who you are, and take that feeling away unconditionally without discarding you later on.

    Whatever you decide to do, welcome to the community - whilst there are plenty of players here too there are good folk as well, and we'll support you either way.

  • @Darla-Alphalfa Darla if you are questioning it and have doubts then you already know the answer. Loneliness sucks but you have enough about you to want more than being a notch on his bedpost. All strength to you. Keep yourself available for the right person who wants YOU and not his own ego massaged. I succumbed to loneliness a couple of weeks ago and i can tell you i regret it. I don't feel in any way good about it, I'm gonna stick with being lonely til someone meaningful comes along

  • @Matt_Aranha What a beautiful response. Thank you for your sincerity and advice. Made me feel much better. I can't always share these things with family and friends so sometimes it's easier with strangers because they don't judge as much. I appreciate it!

  • @Darla-Alphalfa Talking with people who are not close to us or the situation is often much easier... I am truly thankful to have been able to help and that you feel better. Please take good care of yourself.

  • @Darla-Alphalfa oh i wouldn't worry about it, these things come along when you're least expecting them and if it's the right person you'll find a way to make it work. The fact that you're a thinker/overthinker tells me you're one of the good people. I'm always accused of thinking too much. I always shoot back that they don't think enough. I know it can be a burden but it's one worth having. In this instance it's saved you from falling prey to a player Darla, keep being you, it's a good thing indeed!

  • Because I liked him a bit and wanted to act on it. And I know that he would, given the chance. But I know that I'd end up getting hurt in the end. Conflict between head and heart. Desire and morality. Age old stuff.

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    @Darla-Alphalfa take him somewhere private reach into his trousers take out his throbbing cock smile and greedily suck hard on it while rubbing your wet clit

  • @Karl-Kleijn looooool. 😂

  • Thanks 👍Yeah you're right. I thought at one point that he really liked me. But I think he just likes the chase. And I'm not someone who does one night stands or friends with benefits, me and him are too different. It's difficult though, I'm not gonna lie. I don't even know how long it's going to be untill I meet the right guy. And even then it will be complicated because of my family and religious reasons. Sometimes I get tired of having to over think things when everybody else just does what they want. The main thing that makes me wanna stay away from him is the gut instinct I have that he will break my heart and I've already been through that. I'll be patient...😑😔

    I'm doing well in the rest of my life so can't complain too much really. 😊 Gotta count my blessings

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