• Have you ever noticed how 'past' and 'present' are both spelled with 'P's' but 'Future' is spelled with an 'F'? Maybe it's cause the future is meant to be different than the past and present, maybe is cause history doesn't repeat it self. Maybe its because we make our own future. So maybe its just because the future is supposed to keep us on our toes so we never know what to expect and so life is always different. Maybe the reason why we cant see the future but we can see the past and present is because we are meant to have something better and have something new. The future holds eveything we need but the past holds us back. Maybe its just because we are meant for something greater. Be like the future. Be different.
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  • @BOOTS22 Since we’re looking at the first letters handsome how about considering this. Future can only happen if you Forgive. Forgivness is the beginning to moving Forward all these things are a result of moving past your downfalls and past your previous events/situations πŸ˜„

  • @abby-22 oof true. But you forgot Fuck. That's an important one.

  • The Future is fluid,
    Que sera sera.