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    There's some wise, spiritually-aware people who use this site. Also people who have a very pessimistic view of the world as it stands (I count myself in these 'ranks'). But ...here's fun: imagine it's Day One in Heaven, and G-dogg gives you a chance to completely reset the amount of evil in reality. Or ...if you're an atheist, imagine it's the year 3000 and spod scientists have invented a way to regulate evil on a quantum level, and have given YOU the vote. Would you be comfortable just letting evil go forever, y'know, the way it defines your personality but on a very dark level, or would you want to keep over a little somethin'-somethin' for ol times sake?

    Look, here's Delia Smith. SHE'S SHOUTING FOR YOU TO MAKE YOUR MIND UP.


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  • @Indrid-Cold I would like to experience a world with zero evil.... a world of bliss

  • @TheGoldenMole I'll drink to that, yeh-yehayya.