• Hi there citizens of TWS.

    I was told once that group of people I belong to has no rights to exist. Since I am a person who have tendencies to doubt everything I began to consider the option that such an extreme statement may have some reasonable basis. Therefore, I asked myself if there are people on Earth who don’t have rights to exist. As usual, simple logic has helped me to solve this equation. In fact, logic and cynicism often go hand in hand, but this time logic accidentally faced with morality.
    You maybe think that this was an answer of the true humanist. In that case you are wrong. I do hate people, but wish them the best, no matter how contradictory it may sound. But let me emerge from the swamp of my introspection.
    The explanation why everybody has all rights to exist is simple. We just hadn’t a chance to choose our personality traits, appearance, place, time of birth and even whether we want to exist or not. The fact of birth in real life does not provide a possibility of customization a character like in RPGs, instead of that you get a random player. Very often, that’s not what you want, but hey, nature doesn’t give a damn about it, so should we torture ourselves with questions of the validity of our existence?

    Live and prosper, people.

    Sincerely yours, Red.

  • @Redioactive
    it sure is weird to think that no one gets to choose what kind of a person they are. when you're a child, everyone tells you that you can be anything & anyone you want to be oof~, but almost everything about you is determined by things that you had no control over: your parent's genes, your place of birth, your social class etc. no one even asks you whether you want to exist at all, you're forced into this world because your parents wanted you to be born. absolutely no one asks you for your permission.

    it would be lovely tho if life had a character creation menu like those old RPG's had, and everyone could choose who they want to be. i know for a fact that i would've chosen to become a bird instead 🐦

  • @Redioactive said in Right to exist...:

    But let me emerge from the swamp of my introspection.

    Introspection Swamps are my favourite place to be. My X-wing got dragged down in the mud, but I used JU JU to rise it again. Took Yoda's training and then just blanked him.

    I understand your argument about lack of default programming giving everyone leeway to live. It's a good argument, and in a lot of examples, I'd agree with you, @Redioactive and @sarah_the_magpie. People who do monstrous things might just be lost and confused. That's cool.


    I look at the world and the human race and see consciousness as the pinnacle of evolution (and / or religion?), and I have big problems trying to disentangle something as clever and all-pervasive as consciousness with hypocrisy and philosophical laziness. Example: no one would happily put their name to capitalism, and yet capitalism still exists. Someone brings their ambitious, ultra-left-wing, ultra-self-aware mind to bear on the world, and yet it still contradicts itself on such a damaging level. They're talking about such noble ideas as complete equality, and good mental health for all, and yet they allow their main form of society to be based on a kind of medieval feudal bullying. We're kinda edging into 'not having to right to exist' territory aren't we?

  • @Redioactive

    Can i say, I DUNNO



  • @Redioactive There's no need to think dark thoughts like these, life's great and its worth living! Take it easy man 😁

  • @belethor When writing this I was in a good mood, actually, and these thoughts were of my most positive ones. You didn't hear my other thoughts, man :laughing:

  • @Indrid-Cold Sir, your reply is much more informative and complicated than my post. I feel envy.

  • @AllAboutGay Listen, earlier I considered that I m not homophobic. I mean I don't hate or despise gays on the whole. I don't insult them and I don't want to. But as doubts tear apart my sick mind most of the time, I thought that maybe I am homophobic.
    When I see such people like on gif you sent in public chat recently or like Conchita Wurst I'm getting a little scared. Hence one can conclude that I have a fear of gay people. And you know how such a phobia is called. Am I a homophobic? I dunno. Should I cease my existing? I dunno.
    I was honest in describing my feelings. Sorry for the fact of my existence anyway.

  • @Redioactive Or I might just be a gobshyte :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: