• I had this conversation last night that didn't go on for to long, but it did get me thinking about one of the core things concerning the everyday person.

    For me, I'm one of those peeps that has made many many mistakes. These range from the teeny tiny to the hugest of errors. I have, however, been lucky enough that since I was a young lad, when I was a persistant repeat offender, I learnt at the ripe old age of 14 that it's all very well making mistakes in life, BUT your never going to get anywhere unless you learn from each and everyone of them..... and use these lessons to grow and develope.

    • For example, when I was young I used to be of the opinion that if I wanted something that was not mine I would take it anyway. It took me 2-3 years to realise that you had to earn things you didn't have.

    Once older this became a vital lesson to my survival.

    • Another example: I have been stopped while 'driving' on various occasions, BUT never for the same reason. I have had a speeding ticket once, I have had my car taken for not vehical tax and I have had a friends car taken due to no vehical insurance.
      3 times of being in trouble concerning a car, but not the same reason each time.

    (Don't get me wrong, but if I fully played by the rules, there would have been no mistake in the first place!)

    The crux of it lied this question...

    Do you repeat the mistakes you make??

    Or, are you a rapid leanrer?

    Please, join in and give me your feedback..... I'm interested to know what others that use the site are like.

  • its important that you dont learn from your mistakes

  • @barton Why do you you say/think that Sir?

  • @s-peanut-durwin mistakes are something you do by accident. if you are repeating it then its an offence. and offence is something you do because you are conditioned that way. and learning from it means you have to deconstruct yourself and starts reconstructing again. at this point of life, i believe that people never change, they become more of what they really are.

  • @barton You make a fair point.

  • @shaun-durwin
    Stop and try to find all new mistakes.
    Learn from your mistake👍