• Ok so there is this girl that likes me and i've dated her a million times but she has failed me all those times and I still have feelings for her even though I know she's bad for me also I'm in a relationship with a girl who i've known for 5 months but the girl that still likes me is begging me and saying she has changed and i've known her for my whole life but I really love the girl i'm with I think the answer is obvious but I'm asking anyway.

  • hello. How are you.

  • @cheesecake-lesb Hi I'm a lesbian so don't try anything

  • Hi. If you consider your former relationship to be an unhealthy one, it is only wise to avoid it.

    However the matter is about the ones you care about and the relationship you can hope and want to build with them. But not only the later.
    Therefore even if you seem already decided, I have no clue to wich one you should choose.
    But consider this. You also seem to know them both well so you know what to expect from them. It may seems a little empty for an advise but you should consider following your greatest desire, and not let yourself stoped by the past behavioural, but rather take your decision according to what you can expect to achieve -and more importantly- what you feel and desire. It works for both of them though.

    O my I hope this was useful but I have my doubts.

  • @vacuity That was very useful thank you

  • @cheesecake-lesb
    Okay i was assuming you're a female until now lol.
    So You know that girl from a really long time and she's begging for you to come back but she has disappointed you several times.
    I don't really think its gonna work again...
    You need to end up feelings for her. Its hard but you know there's nothing happening in that space.
    To get back with that girl is a crazy idea.. its like you decide to walk yourself on path of destruction...
    Umm-hmm... Non

  • @sammy Thanks and ya I'm a girl.