• @practicaladam Afriend is someone you can talk to,about anything that won't give you the answers you want to hear (unless they agree with you).
    Someone you can rely on when it counts. Also someone you can go out with and maybe if your lucky even have some fun.
    Most of all, a friend is someone you can be yourself with.

  • @shaun-durwin someone you can connect with at a personal level, and as you say, can also be free to be yourself without the judgement from said friends? Without a CV, or the best looks, or requirements of perfect credit score. He/She should have qualities that are connecting on a personal level rather than an academic level.

  • Are best friends for life, or is that based on false narratives?

  • @practicaladam said in What does a friend mean to you??:

    Are best friends for life, or is that based on false narratives?

    I think that best friends can be for life... The thing is, if you have a friend that you have both shared some of your innermost thoughts and feelings, this does not go away. Yes people can change and move in different directions, but unless someone has hurt you real bad, taken away your confidence in the relationship then even after many years of being apart, you can still go to this person (or the other way around) for support, a shoulder or an ear.... and they will be there.
    It may not be 'as it was' ... but the thing is, they are there.

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  • A friend is someone you can trust.It's someone you can say anything and everything to.It's someone who will always be loyal and will be there to fulfill their timeless friendship.They will always be there to hold you by the hand and listen to all your joys,sorrows,crazy stuff.:relaxed: .Yeah,they might also be your partner in crime :yum: :smirk:

  • The foundations of true friendship can be so damaged that only a complex complete rebuild has to be done. But the ground around the foundation is not good soil unless help is achieved. Unconditional love is what I have, but it is only one way. Any suggestions?

  • @bela-hella Nice injection of happy hormone. Thank you. 😀😀

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    @bela-hella Nice injection of happy hormone. Thank you. 😀😀

    No probs sir.. :-)

  • Bring me sunshine, all the while, bring me laughter, so I can smile...
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