• I am unhappy in my marriage. My husband does not seem to pay attention no matter how many times I explained to him my feelings. I have 2 little kids. It breaks my heart to give up on this family but I’m so unhappy.

  • when you wake up and realize nothing has changed and can not get out of bed, or when you realize both are miserable with each other.
    but getting divorced due to being unhappy since you are not getting attention will lead to another dead end. find what makes you happy, get a hobby, try new stuff, join a group. just because you are married does not mean you both need to be bound to each other.
    Finding people to vent and drink with normally de-stress and makes things better.

  • I feel the same way it’s time for a divorce

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    Just because your unhappy with each other don't mean you should get a seperation, ppl don't work on their relationships any more, life ain't fireworks and fucking fairytales, effort is required. When all else fails, that's when.