• Can we just hate on corona? and I'm not talking about being discriminatory towards any ethnic group or blaming anything on the startup of corona. I'm just frustrated at the damage it has done. Took so many lives, left so many with life long internal damages and left so many people unemployed. I am glad and relieved that things have better now, well, in some places in the world. But progression is progress, I guess. I am hopeful and trying not to let the idea of the second wave ruin future plans. Anyway, I've been unemployed like millions of people and can finally start planning the wedding that I thought was just never going to be in the making. I can't even fucking believe that I started a Gofundme. like wtf. I hate even asking my friends for money, let alone strangers. anyway, pride aside, if you can even donate a dollar or 50 cents, I'd highly appreciate it! or just spread the word honestly. If you do donate, donate with the comment "TWS" so I know where it's coming from. it's stretch that it's even a possibility, but I would highly appreciate it if you can come through.


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