What is the last book you read and enjoyed?

  • Mine is ... The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A fable about following your dreams.
    How about you?

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    Seamlessly weaving Chinese folklore, history, and literary classics. The Incarnations is a taut and gripping novel that sheds light on the cyclical nature of history as it hints that the past is never truly settled.

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    Abdul Alhazred's "The Necronomicon".
    I am not even kidding.

  • Music Lovers

    Hands down


    If you love psychological thriller type books, then it’s definitely for you.

  • Freedom Writers - Writing Movie Buff

    @cjko ❤ Im midway through reading again Hit by a Farm. Its so funny.
    But im eager to start The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy ❤ ❤ ❤

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    @cjko said in What is the last book you read and enjoyed?:

    Mine is ... The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A fable about following your dreams.
    How about you?

    The alchemist is my most hated book ever 😂 idk if it’s because I was too young when I read it (14).
    I mean, I remember at one point of the book, the guy puts a fûcking stone in his pocket and turns out he looses the stone cause there was a hole in the pocket.

    Instead of thinking damn I’m a dumbass, OF COURSE THEY’L FALL OUT IF THERES A FREAKING HOLE, the story says: « He didn’t consider mending the hole—the stones could fall through any time they wanted. » like bruh, the stones won’t fall out if they want to, this shit called gravity will make them fall!!!

    I know I’m knit picking, and there’s some bullshît meaning behind the stones, but goddamnit it annoyed me so much and I have too much of a scientific mind for it😂

    If you enjoyed the book it must mean you were way better at deciphering all the meanings behind the story that just flew over my head 😛

    That aside, the last book I read that I really enjoyed was The ice people (La nuit des temps) by René Barjavel. It’s a french science fiction novel and one of my favourite thus far
    Idk if the translation is any good, but there’s an English movie about it so it should be XD

  • @cjko
    The murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie.
    Read it a long while back but i remember deciding it's the best book on the planet. (I was 13)
    Just saying but i thought The Alchemist was bullcrap. Maybe it was too deep for me haha.

  • @cjko said in What is the last book you read and enjoyed?:

    @DayShifter WOW.. interesting. Any chunks of quotes from that book ? 🙂

    So begins the first letter that falls into Wang’s lap as he flips down the visor in his taxi.
    The letters that follow are filled with the stories of Wang’s previous lives—from escaping a marriage to a spirit bride, to being a slave on the run from Genghis Khan, to living as a fisherman during the Opium Wars, and being a teenager on the Red Guard during the cultural revolution—bound to his mysterious “soulmate,” spanning one thousand years of betrayal and intrigue.

    As the letters continue to appear seemingly out of thin air, Wang becomes convinced that someone is watching him—someone who claims to have known him for over one thousand years. And with each letter, Wang feels the watcher growing closer and closer…

  • @cjko The Holy Bible

  • @Karina-Kara Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

  • Elantris

  • last book i read is THE GRIT, and currently I am reading Saladin

  • @Karina-Kara , @cjko

    Here is the translation:

    "Remember the Scorpion-Human, who dwells inside the mountains. He was created a long time ago from TIAMAT, to fight against the elder gods, for him it was allowed to stay with them under the mountains. He deceived us once and he may do it again. But call him, if something involves the outside, which you would like to know more and what i didn't tell you about. And his sign is easy and that is:


    And direct yourself only to his place, and he will come and speak, but do not do it by dawn, since when the sun raises, the Scorpion won't have power, and not before the dusk until nightfall, as he will be forced underground, as this is his letter of his contract, which pertains him; and it is written: His pate shall not raise above the sun.
    And again: His is the dark time.
    Yet again: He knows the gate, yet not The gate."

    -End of the first page-

    The next page:

    "And the Scorpion-Human has another from his race, female, which lives with him there, but talking about her is not right, and she must be spellbound with the Exorcism, shall she appear, as her touch brings death."

  • @cjko It based on the real story. It describes the life of man, who had multiple personality disorder. His mind splitted in his childhood, because of violence happened in family.
    24 different personalities lived in one body. Some of them were really talented .Unusual case of modern psychiatry, which shows that we don't know our minds and it's capabilities. But despite of it, I found Bill's life as deeply tragic.

  • I worked a lot to cultivate reading habit in me, and succeeded to a certain extent. Though i read very limited books, but still I could name a few, which I liked a lot.

    “The other side of midnight [1]“- the first book in my venture of cultivating reading habit .

    Then comes -

    ” The Alchemist[2] “

    “ The lost Symbol[3]”

    “The Sphere[4]”……

    Each book has touched me at certain junctures for various reasons, which would be silly for others. Some was useful, like it’s certain quotes, sentences were useful to me which I applied in my life, and was successfull. Further the same may feel like silly to others , but it’s your perception how one is accepting the things….

  • @IM-NOT- sounds interesting.. I bet that's about war and how soldiers cope up with everything psychologically.. Am I right or what ?

  • Unfortunately I don't read so often as I read before. The last book was "The Minds of Billy Milligan".

  • @spaceboy
    Oh no. The forbidden one.

  • @cjko
    It says that you should be aware of the Scorpion people. Especially about the female scorpio.
    So that's me! It was an odd coincidence, but an amusing one nonetheless.

    Here is some bloody proof (It's in german, by the way):



  • Music Lovers

    @cjko said in What is the last book you read and enjoyed?:

    @IM-NOT- sounds interesting.. I bet that's about war and how soldiers cope up with everything psychologically.. Am I right or what ?

    If i explain the plot, then the book wont have the impact, that it wouldve had, if you went with an empty slate!
    And no, its not about ptsd of soldiers, though that sounds interesting too

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