• Hmm any idea or theories about this ? :)

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    Sorry, but we don't really know. No one knows. So you better make sure this life was as good as you could make it.

    Or, if you want to believe some "story", then make sure you pick the best one. Pick the one that will make you also happy in this life and make the world a better place. Do not pick a story that justifies hurting people in this life, and do not pick a story that says to sit back and wait for justice in the afterlife.

    When you are old enough to know that you are about to die, YOU will judge yourself and your life in a moment that will have equal impact to what any god or soul awaiting might might judge. So enjoy this life.

  • @Ahmedkenan So you're saying that everyone who doesn't believe in Allah will go to hell? What a bs mindset, holy shit

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    @cjko Before our birth there is nothing n after our death there is something.
    Our souls are immortal after we leave this body Our souls go to heaven or hell( This will be decided after our death) where life is eternal.
    Innocent enter  heaven
    Sinners enter  hell
    N the people who don't  believe in god n who don't want to leave this world after their death  become  Ghosts n roam on this earth till the judgment day.
    We will never come back( Cycle of life is not the same as the Cycle of the Rain)
    There is only one life.

  • @cjko according to the bible, you will be judged according to your deeds. so 1) burn in hell or 2) have eternal life.

  • I think I made a wrong topic here hahaha

  • 2 things.. Heaven and hell

  • Yep I'm really believe that and about the Paradise you talking about it's a door of the heaven doors Called Paradise and if you want to know the rest doors name just ask.

  • @cjko from my religion.. I'm Muslim and that's in our Quran

  • @cjko
    Idk maybe nothing at allll, just like the way it was even beforeeee we were bornnn 😂

    Or maybeeee there’ll be a place where those people can go to...and get reincarnated as fruitsssss so that they can be ruled by meeeeeee, the great and mighty LIME!!! 😂

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  • Well first you go through some kind of judgement. This one can actually be said to be "known", since millions of people who had near death experiences have reported just that. Many times it is accompanied or preceded by seeing your whole life play like a movie and you understanding what was good and what was bad. Of course, from a scientific perspective, it is impossible to say wether these experiences constitute anything real or are something the brain does. From this same scientific perspective it is however important to note that some of those experiences happen with the brain having no measurable activity at all.

    After this? Well we simply cannot know in the way that science helps us know things in this world.

    So I'll just portray a world view I know very well, the christian, more specifically the catholic one:

    When people die, they meet the Messiah, Jesus Christ. They will then see their life through His, through God's eyes and beyond any doubt recognize the actions they undertook with love or without love. In front of His eyes, only love counts, nothing else.

    Christ offers them his Mercy, He offers them to take their sins on His own shoulders and to forgive them. In fact He already atoned for them when He died on the cross. But He wants you to accept His Love, to accept His Mercy, to say "Yes, I did wrong and I don't deserve any of what You are offering me".

    Since to God, your free will is holy. He would never take it from you. In fact what He actually wants is to be loved or rather, to let Him be the Love inside you. And love is not love if it isn't given freely.

    Some people do not accept His Mercy, because they do not want to forgive themselves, they do not want to acknowledge that they were wrong. Some want to take revenge on God for for the fact that they themselves are not allowed to decide what is right or wrong. For the fact that the only being truly free to do anything out of Himself is God (every creature can only ever bring forth anything that God has already made possible), and they are not God. These people will choose to be without God, without the source of love, of joy, of peace. And if there is nothing good inside you or around you, if God is completely absent, you already are in hell.

    Those however who do accept His mercy, might go to purgatory, which is not a fiery place, but it is similar to hell in that while you are there, you are without God and since you now know Him, you'll suffer like crazy until everything that is not good in you is burned out.

    Then, or if you are a saint right away, you go to heaven. Heaven in reality is not a place with houses or anything the like. Heaven means being with God, living inside His Heart, being one with Love.

  • @Saloniii thanks for sharing your thoughts about this and I appreciate it. Hmm, that's still unanswered question for me. Although there are stories and theories about this, but who knows which is right or wrong? Right? :)

  • @Ahmedkenan I respect that :)

  • @cjko that door is death.. After death while u in ur grave there's 2 Angel's asks you.. What's ur religion?? Who's ur god?? What did you do ( good things in ur life) ??after that each of us has a book.. With that book you will meet Allah our god.. Called the Judge day.. For what written in ur book.. It's the way to heaven or hell.. For each of them there's a levels

  • @cjko for heaven depends on the good things you have made in ur life.. High lvl for more records.. For hell.. Down lvls for high records and the lowest lvl for those ppl who doesn't believe in Allah and the other ppls who's killed the prophets oooold days before a thousands years ago

  • @Ahmedkenan hahah ok. But I don't like dm here hahah

  • @cjko Energy

  • @cjko I mean I can't personally, I think it's a good topic and there's no reason why others oughtn't be able to.

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    "The word of god"
    I am God, God is great
    If you still doubt  me  U will become a sinner N U will be sent to hell🧛🏻‍♂️

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