• I just dont see the light on the end of the tunnel, having only missery in My life hsnt let me seen the good things.

  • This is a question people have been asking for centuries. I guess you just have to count your blessings and make a choice to be happier. Things like how you chose to spend your time can greatly effect your mood tho, especially if you're not doing anything to get that satisfaction from achieving something.
    One thing I've found to help me when I'm feeling down is trying to do things for other people. It helps me forget about my own problems (or they don't seem as bad). Also when you make others happy, it makes you a little happy too.

  • I guess you could look at it that way, too bad i dont have any blessings in my life but trying to help other people while im down is something i hvnt tried so i might aswell give it a shot. Thanks for the words.

  • I highly recommend you watch some lectures of Dr. Jordan Peterson on youtube. He would probably ask you back: What is meaningful to you? What gives meaning to your life? He fully aknoledges that "life is suffering!" It's just a fact every human being has to deal with. I say human, because we are the one animal that is consciously aware of it. Now we can despair and ask "What's the point of it, anyway! Life has no meaning!" This is called nihilism. It's a spiraling path into darkness, despair, recentfullness of other peoples good lives, it's the manifestation of hell on earth. And you will unwillingly take down all your close ones with you on that path,eventually. Or you could choose to say "I want this to be the best place for all my human fellows that it can be. I want us all together to be a kind and loving species. I want to be a positive force in this fight!" Because it is a fight, and I think you know what I mean. He also said at one point that " Life is not about finding happiness, but about finding meaning in it." I think I'll leave that one to dr.Peterson himself to explain to you. He also explaines what he means with the word "meaning". I, for myself, find meaning in a piece of music, painting or movie that evokes some kind of emotions in me. To make my own life meaningful, I go after passion projects, which is any kind of activity, where money plays no role. If you need help getting started on a passion project of your own, I can help you realise what you already know that you have to do, by asking you the right questions.my mail is [email protected]
    Battle on, soldier!

  • Thanks for the kind words and taking your time to write ill make sure to go and watch his lectures after my shower. So what is a ''passion project'' if you dont mind me asking

  • @danjoz I've often asked myself this question. When every day seems to be an upward battle and you never seem to get through it, what exactly is the point?
    You say to @JustChatAmy that you don't have any blessings in your life, but consider this: Evan with the daily rubbish that life may bring to your door, Every new day is a blessing in itself.
    If you are healthy... this to is another blessing.
    and to have a family around you (presuming that this is the case) is another good example of a blessing. Evan if you don't get on with your family the mear fact that you have one is a real plus for your life!.
    There are some of us that don't have that grace and pleasure for a whole number of reasons.
    I could go on about the free things in life that could be considered blessings, but I won't (as that wasn't the topic)
    Life itself seems to me to be test...
    test of self
    test of individuality
    test of humanity
    test of resiliance
    and sooo much more.
    There doesn't seem to be any reason for it apart from causing destruction (to each other, the environment etc) on the most part,
    and bringing joy when and where possible (helping without question [people/animals] over and above one's self), creation of a family tree (continuing the blood line if you like).
    The crux of it is there is no point to life, noreason... you just have to make the best of it.
    And the only way to make the best is to go out there, grab it firmly by the nards, look square into it's eyes and say---OI LIFE, I WILL ENJOY THIS TIME I HAVE REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU HAVE IN-STORE!....GOT IT LIFE??? GOOD

  • @danjoz the question you are asking is so futile you know, life seems to be such a mysterious thing, still we are looking for the meaning of it in words which gives me a laugh to be honest. Life is life, nothing more to be serious about it. The more the seriousness, the more the misery. For me, everybody has life and they can make it either happy or misery.

  • @danjoz you should have listened to Jason Mraz songs. You're welcome. :)

  • Umm.. It means time to kys.

  • the meaning of life is to come to the realization that there is no meaning to life, and that it's perfectly okay.

  • Mate feed kill repeat

  • @danjoz when you help others get out of their misery in any manner no matter how small then we come to a realization that assisting others we assist ourself too. We come to an understanding that others bear more pain than us and that life's journey is all about discovering ourselves throughout life in various capacities.