• Why does everything got to have some meaning to it? Why do we do the things we do? Where are we going with this? My folks ask me "look at them, if they can, why cant you?" Really, why can't i? It really surprises me to see other people living a normal life, tackling all the probs like one should, surrounded by good n helpful people, having a supportive family, having an understanding partner. What wrong did i do exactly? Why do i find simple things difficult? Why can't life be more about living than just surviving? Nothing in our life has meaning, its just our stupid silly heart, veiling us from the brutal truth, trying to comfort us. How long do we keep fooling ourselves? Everything happens for a reason? BULLSHIT!!!

  • @wildwallflower
    People seek out meaning to try a justify why things happen, why the are... It's just another one of those things that our modern society (and if we're honest the ancient ones to) throws at us, to demoralise us and demean the things that we do.... causing an overshadow above the good things that we do do.
    Regarding looking at others, have you not maybe thought that, maybe, they might be good at hiding the BS that goes on in their lives?
    When you take the saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side" and start to put people, their ways (actions and motives), their lifestyle etc) under the microscope, you will rarely find that things are greener on the other side.
    The perception that is perceived is often wrong and, again under the microscope, never ever shows daily trials and trauma's that really go on.
    I am one of those peeps that does believe that everything happens for a reason, I also believe that our free will is just fantasy since I believe everything we do has been preordained. Couldn't tell you by who or what.....
    I know I may have gone off topic, but sorry about that lol....
    All said and done, I hope whatever is going on sorts itself out for you.
    End of the day, you are a nice person with talents and skills. Things maybe tough now, but I have faith that you will come good in the end, and probably a better person for it to (if you could actually become a better person that is) 😉

  • @wildwallflower

    You know what my answer will be and you know that I am one of those ppl that believe in that "bullshit".
    1st of all, don't try to look at others, compare yourself to others and honestly, whoever does that is plain dumb cuz no-one is the same, we are all different.
    The grass is NEVER greener on the other side, the grass simply looks greener but it's not. Everyone struggles, everyone questions life, everyone is sad and gets depressed. I doubt there is a single human that said: -"I have never been depressed in my whole life".
    What do I wanna say with this? Fuck ppl, things do happen for a reason but most of the times we can't figure it out. Take your time living, take your time deciding. No-one has a set time to decide shit and defenitly no-one has a set time to be happy or sad. Things are what they are but you will be fine ❤

  • Global Moderator

    I think people seek out meaning in everything we do because we love to make simple things being complex ,we overthink as well..

    Why life is surviving than living ? Life is not just for living; most of the time it is survival of the fittest that makes it worth living..

    You are great Catsai, Never compare yourself with others for we are all different and unique, and also be thankful for every situation whatever it may bring be it good or bad such is still a blessing..

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