• anyone know why life is so complicated sometimes?

  • Because you suck

  • JK JK. Just start reading more of the RIGHT books and life will eventually get better

  • Because life is supposed to be complicated. You see life is not something that is cut and dried like in video games. It is pandemonium with thousands of people revolving around you, each with their own unique identities and thought process. Even you would think of millions of things in a single day of which some would be contrasting or more if you are stressed or in a trouble. So, If your life is complicated, don't worry. It's supposed to be complicated. Just do what you have to do. Even if it ends in a failure, accept it and do it again. That's what important.

  • TL;DR: Because It's supposed to be that way. Just do what you have to do and never stop doing it

  • If I am wrong, you could explain to me, why is it complicated for you and if I could, I would help you with that


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