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  • yes, there is. ask yourself a question that is this the first time you are feeling your existence.? ..like all of sudden you came to consciousness on your birth date? Unlike what others suggest this piece of life to be the product of combination of chemicals, which is absurd and not possible at all and if it is then why chemicals at our disposal can't produce some animate object? because life comes from life! consciousness is a symptom of the presence of soul- just like sunlight comes from sun(here sunlight is likened to consciousness spread all over our body and sun to be like soul). Moreover, there have been lot of scientific research too like near death experiments, past life regression therapy and countless other proofs that there is something beyond this body and mind and it passes on from one life to other- soul! . we can't trace soul because it's very small for us to probe it and it's not something which can be traced by any instruments.. let alone that, we can't even trace mind! they call our thoughts to be some electrical signals in the brain but yet no one can make a sense out of them. so, yeah there is life after death for sure.

  • @Abhay_ I see a question mark rn - ?