What do you think life is about?

  • This thread could go anyhow, I don't care, you can answer as deep or as funny as you want to, but I really want some answers from different people. I'm asking because I literally feel like there's no point in living (don't worry I'm not depressed or suicidal or sad). I have a routine, I am not sure if everybody does, it's weird, I find it boring already.
    Whatever, hit me up with all your thoughts

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    @alexandra5734 life is about living it to the fullest no matter what happens . life is not just breathing , it's about exploring , creating , meeting new people , interacting , enjoying and being happy now , then and for the rest of the eternity 😄

  • Life is about doing whatever the hell you want. Just have fun with it. Take risks and live in the moment. Life is about being who you are.

    Thats my take. Just having fun.

  • hello guys is anyone here i'd like to participate hehe

  • Before watching any of these videos go research nihilism


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