What do you think is your purpose in life?

  • This question's been running in my mind lately. My teacher asked this to me in class. Every answer is valid, though. Yet, he wants me to come up with something deeper than my answer. Any thoughts bout this?

  • @athenathegreatxx Firstly, unless you're religious, there's really no set purpose given to any lone individual. The universe doesn't care whether we live or die, whether our lives have "meaning" (usually defined by society or culture). Consider that for any living being to survive, they must have a reason, this could be a fear of death, desire to reproduce, desire to pursue happiness (which manifests in the 7 deadly sins - gluttony, lust, greed, pride, wrath, sloth, envy), or perhaps a longing to seek the "truth".

    Superficially, everyone on this planet defines their purpose based on societal values, these are taught to us by our parents, the media, religion, government, etc. These help to maintain the cycle that is human civilization, that which sets us apart from "mere" animals. We originally created civilization to protect us from nature, but now, civilization has become so complicated that we exist to maintain the system. Societal values exist to integrate people into the system, to tell them it's good to have a job, it's good to make money, it's good to follow the law, because that way we can ensure the survival of humanity, our culture, and way of life. But even being conditioned by these "rules", these perceptions of "good" vs "bad", "wrong" vs "right" (morals and ethics), we still can't escape our individuality, which is why even when given a purpose by society, we still ask ourselves "what is the purpose of existence", and like your teacher said "every answer is valid".

    In the end, it's up to the individual to craft his or her own purpose in life, which is constantly changing and being shaped as a result of their experiences, because the universe didn't give us a purpose, and a purpose to life is a requisite for staying alive.

  • @AthenaTheGreatxx to satisfy myself to the fullest extent without bothering others and getting into any troubles

  • Gamers

    @athenathegreatxx what was your answer? I've never believed in an overall purpose and am comfortable that belief won't cause an existential crisis. For now, whatever acts I can do that make me feel happy and fulfilled are enough

  • I don't think any one will truly know what their purpose is. If we knew there wouldn't be any stress in the world really everybody would know what they were suppose to be doing. The purpose in life is to live it to the best of your abilities. We make mistakes and some people don't even get a chance to see the purpose due to their lives being cut short. As you can tell I don't know my true purpose but hopefully I will figure it all out before the end.......Enjoy

  • Thank you for your opinions. I greatly appreciate all of them. :> All of you helped a lot. :)

  • @roney1718 As a human, there's also a part of me who just wants satisfaction and fulfillment of my desires/pleasures/wants. This is still a good answer tho since everyone has their own preferences.

  • @bushmurry My answer was 'I think everyone is designated for a purpose and discovering it comes along the way. Maybe I can figure it out fully when the time comes. But for now, I think it's to grab this chance to fulfill my goals/dreams in life and to not put it into waste.'

  • @athenathegreatxx I don't know it Athena

  • But you attached a qoute. Is there a deeper reason for that? Hahaha.

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    @AthenaTheGreatxx Thats a really good question because, what we think as the purpose of our life, could be different than what god has thought for us.
    As of for me, It would be to Once atleast in my lifetime go in Space, on The Mars... :)

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    @roney1718 Hey there Roney. Its to think much beyond it. Don't make this topic simple enough though I personally love simplicity.

  • I'm still searching for it...

    Maybe that's my purpose..

    To search?

    ...To wonder?

  • @maverick832 You wanna be an astronaut? Or you really want to live there?

  • @mchlchance Living life to the fullest? Hmmm. This is what I'm doing right now. Let's enjoy this journey as you've said and figure out the answer to this question along the way. :)

  • @i-am-male Thank you for taking this question seriously. :) I'll take note of all that you've said. You're a big help.

  • @jynextremist I'm still 19. Too young to be asked of this question, right? :)

  • Reproduce.

  • @maverick832 Well I understand your concern but I am comfortable with my path...Thank you for your concern.

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @bushmurry yeh i need more of them aroumd me in life. I would love that

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