• I do not usually talk much but now I want to do it, my name is Ellie.

    I habe never fit in well in the clasroom, during middle school and elementari school everything was going very well, until I got to high school. The problems I habe, started to affect me at school.

    I only habe one friend, I entered this site with the idea that maybe I could make one more friend, but I habe not goten any.

    Almost all the people I have talked to are unable to understand me and it annoys them that I cannot reply to mesages fazter when I am traying to do my best. I thought I had made a friend, but I think he haz had enough of me and does not talk to me animore, when I enter the random chat, everyone skips me after a few minutes of converzation.

    I can not expres my feelings correctly, I wanted to try anyway.

  • @TheEllie02 you good? If you need someone to talk to I gotchu fam

  • One Woman Army

    @TheEllie02 It is certainly undeniable that all of us prefer to be loved and appreciated by others, but at times, it is important to realize that we are not born to please everyone all the time. There would be instances when you need to speak up for yourself despite you knowing that your words will annoy a lot of people.. you need to remember that you aren’t born to please everyone everywhere. Stick to your own belief instead of worrying even if others get disappointed by that. Pleasing someone all the time is not just worth it. 🙂

  • @Dark-Sunshine . It sounds easier to say something than to do it, however, I apreciate what you have said and will try to think about that.