• Let me tell you guys something, the internet is filled with fake people who claim to be something they're not. I'm moderarely perceptive so I can talk to people and smell the BS with bad liar. I've encountered many great people here and I have also encountered a lot of phonies. Since I am leaving I might as well be out with it. @hyde is not Japanese nor is he a famous Japanese Rock star. From day one he started talking to me, I started conversations with him and about how much I enjoyed Jrock back in my days and how his username takes me back to those days of listening to the music. Homie has the nerve to claim he is the 50+ year old singer himself. Hes big time famous! Look him up hes a legend in Japan. I'd say hes the equivalent to Gerard Way or Billie Joel Armstrong but maybe even bigger who knows.

    I just thought his last post was funny because he was extremely vague and way out of context. Let me explain what was going on on this end. No, I was not criticizing his English skills. English is also my second language and I would never dis anyone learning English or people who do not know English.

    So Hyde and I were messaging back and forth and I observed him and pointed out in our messages that his English doesn't add up. His grammar skills fluctuate. He was speaking English in real time and after I complimented his English, he started to write horribly as if to try and oversell his story. Also, just like any language, everything has a grammar pattern and his grammar does not make any sense.

    In English for example, to ask for the time you would normally say, "what time is it" but in Chinese structure it translates in English as "right now, what is the time?" So hearing a Chinese speaker say this makes perfect sense because their sentence to ask for time is structured as such.

    I've also asked a few of my Japanese friends if his grammars made sense as a Japanese foreigner. They said no. They also laughed because the actual real life Hyde wouldn't spend all this time on this website. If he sends you links to his music, dont buy that it's his for even a second... 😑

    Anyway, I'm leaving so I figured I'd bring attention to this weeaboo and shake things up a bit.

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    Leave my man alone!!!! He does not have to prove anything to you. He is legitimately Hyde himself. I know because we've videocalled so many times(lets not openly talk about that ,tiger ;) )

    I know youre just jealous of his popularity in Japan and worldwide because your boyband from grade 9 didnt make it this far!

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    but he uses his professional stage name as his username. you wouldn't do something like that if you weren't interested in mixing your personal life with your professional life.

    in any case, i don't feel too strongly about any of this. he might be hyde, he might be someone pretending to be hyde, imo everyone is free to form their own opinion on this

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    you know, now that you've mentioned it, i always felt it was strange how a famous japanese rock star with 544.7k followers on instagram found the time in his schedule to spent hours on tws, chatting up completely random people.

    like you'd assume he would have better things to do with his time, right?


  • @sarah_the_magpie makes sense


    Wow. I don’t know what to say. I love Hyde. He is a super cool guy and I enjoy talking to him. I choose to always believe who people say they are unless they show me otherwise but it doesn’t rly matter all that much to me if I enjoy them as a person.

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    This is really funny...why do you care if he is real or not...he is not harming anyone nor he is ever rude or mean to anybody....he is more than friendly with everyone...and the proofs that you're sharing doesn't make any sense to me....i really feel sorry for you if you call yourself Someone who can catch BS but you're the one bs here as majority can call out your bs and this is how exposing works...if majority can feel your post is bs.....then it is....

  • Wow this is a shitstorm in the making

  • So, do you feel better now? Because whatever "analysis" you may think that you've made, apparently has some flaws. Now I've been writing with Hyde for a good amount of time. To me, the mistakes makes perfect sense. The choice of words to the Grammer, which are not a typical choice for an American or an English person. There are loads of classic mistakes for one who has English as their second language.
    Whatever point you're trying to prove is wrong. He IS the actual Hyde. No matter what you've think you've called out. Now, I know this because I've been talking to him a while and gotten more than enough proof but seriously.. Why do you want to waste your time like this?
    You say you're calling BS, well I am calling yours.
    Have a nice day.

  • @Littlelion12 its hard to know who are genuine and who aren't. Dont make it hard to yourself, and I am sure there are people aroynd who are genuine to make new friends. Also i wanna tell yoou that everyone wants to have a safe side, you and everyone should understand this. No one will ever tell u the truth about himself/herself unless they get very close to you.

  • @Div
    In this case , I think being fake of him is good for him.
    Reminds me once Charlie Chaplin went to a competition of best Charlie Chaplin n he won 3rd price xD

  • Uh none of this is proof of anything,definitely not enough to make a topic trying to humiliate Someone.
    You're wrong for this


    @Littlelion12 Hmm... this is highly interesting. A very interesting topic indeed. I have never come across anything quite like this before.

    You sound very confident that you're correct. It appears as if you have done your research. That's good, especially because you've made a stunningly public accusation of fakery which HAS to be backed up with evidence.

    Now, I personally despise fakery, I very much do. With that said, I would withhold any further witch-hunting unless it is proven that @Hyde is doing this in order to advance a malicious agenda or has ulterior motives. To me, this person appears harmless. Friendly, even.

    If it remains so and he uses this site and the persona of Hyde to merely engage in civil discussions, then that's that. End of story and a public apology from you to him.

    If, however, it happens that your thesis is correct and hard evidence of fakery appears, then I would expect swift actions from the moderation team. Identify theft IS a crime and should not go unpunished.

    In any case, I shall be keeping an eye on how this develops.

  • @Littlelion12 Wow this is too much for me. I hope this is not why you are leaving. Good luck whatever you decide to do. 😊 ✌️

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    i see your point and i agree, tho he's here more often than 5-10 minutes a day

    in any case, if he's legitimately hyde, it should be more than easy for him to prove it. for instance, he seems to be an active twitter user, so he could tweet something related to this site. there are lots of possibilities.

  • Yooo what's going on here? 😂😂 Guys let's take it easy and allow the dude be whoever he wants to be. He's probs fake, but this is the Internet and there are supposed to be no rules here 😏

  • @Black-Cat the ceiling is up

  • @NathanOnFire I can tell you, he isn't. But whatever you choose to believe, totally up to you, lol

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    ooooooo this is fun :))

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