• can y'all share with me any de javu experience that y'all had in your daily life !

  • I had a lot of those, mostly when I was at work.
    It just made me feel, that I made that already, same stuff happened before, you know what I'm saying?

    I was in Stuttgart, we had a big construction site, and I was there first time. But in one moment I felt, that I was already here, and I made the same actions, the same work, at that one specific place.

    The other time was when I met with someone for the first time - and again, in one brief moment it's just that feeling - I was here, with that person, and I made all the same.

    There's a song, from "Timmy Trumpet - Deja Vu" and there's lyrics like that:

    "... Deja Vu it's like you've been here before, that creepe feeling that you just can't ignore..." 😎

    And that's are strong lyrics, if you think about it 😎🤔


    DÉJÀ VU, I've just been in this place before
    Higher on the street
    And I know it's my time to go
    Calling you, and the search is a mistery
    Standing on my feet
    It's so hard when I try to be me