Aren't dreams more than what science explains?

  • Hi, its my first post :-)

    so this might be an old question but do you think that there is some supernatural thing that affects our dreams? Like one day my sister was having a sleep paralysis attack (it's normal for her), she usually feels someone (a demonic lady who is pretty creepy) sitting on her and staring her eyes and she is unable to talk.
    While one day she had that sleep paralysis she was in her room and I had a dream that she is calling me to enter her room from back door and save her from that lady, I woke up ran to her room , work her up, and then for the first time she told me about that sleep paralysis demon and that it was a lady.. how does my dream know she needed me when she was asleep and unable to move....

  • @nile700 We don't really know much of anything about dreams. It's possible we missed one or two more scientific things like what parts of the brain light up during sleep. No one knows exactly what dreams are or why we have them.

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