• Hello children of the internet. 🥂As of late, I have been what some might call “socially introverted” but I genuinely enjoy speaking to people intelligently. Sooo hence my question. 😅

    If life is a dream, then with the same logic what exactly are nightmares???

    Please share your thoughts 💭🤔

  • Near death or death

  • @NoroTorVerse
    i think that life is a mixture of dreams and nightmares.
    of course, the sad thing is that you can wake up from a nightmare, but if your life has turned into a nightmare, you can't just wake up and make it all go away :(

  • The nightmares would be those painful moments in between, the ones where we are the most hurt or terrified.
    You notice how the good memories fade the quickest and the bad memories are the ones that stay and stay, just like nightmares and dreams

  • This is a great question. Personally, the only nightmares I can ever remember having was when I was a one or two year old, and then a few years ago when I had a fever and was close to death. At the same time, could they even be called nightmares, because they were so ultra-dramatic that I secretly kinda enjoyed them.

    It's like Negan bludgeoning Glenn. You wouldn't be without it, would you?

    So, taken on a solipsistical, dialectical level, that's a good enough reason for me to believe that life is a dream, or else analogous with a dream.

  • @NoroTorVerse
    Nightmares? It comes when you have something you said "negative" or unexpected scary event in your life.

  • @NoroTorVerse

    If you compare life to a dream, then I'd compare it to a nightmare!
    No for real, it's all a matter of perpective imo, when good stuff happens it's a dream and when bad stuff happens it's a nightmare, so I'd call life sleeping, but.... if that's the case.... WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? :thinking_face: