• Please tell me if I'm wrong or just fucked up. But there truly is some next level sick people on here in my opinion. I just got off a random chat white God know what it was. Coz that can't be a person with a mindset like that. This person asked me they want to do a experiment. So obviously I'm like sure. First question do I have children dumb ass me is like yea 1 girl. The he asked me if she's sexy so my response was like WTF she's 9 next moments it tells me what's wrong don't I want to be a grandfather. I lost my shit proper. Then it tells me this is a site for fantasy I have anger issues. I really don't get it. Like what happened to fantasy being having a 5 Sim being chocked while coming. Stupid shit not!! I'm I wrong thinking in this manner?

  • @JustAguy36 Obviously, you aren't wrong to be mad, that guy is a sick cunt. Sucks there is a lot of them in the random chat, just avoid the tinks.

  • @JustAguy36 You're not wrong, and I can only reach out and say I'm sorry that as a parent you were the subject of some asshat paedo's sick game. Fuckers seem to think that because it's online anything they say or do isn't real, has no repercussions, and everybody who has a problem with shitty behaviour needs to lighten up. And that's bullshit. If you wouldn't behave that way in a public street you don't behave that way online, period, and only the most cretinous of mealworms would think that hiding behind a computer screen gives them any kind of excuse.

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