Feeling hopeless and not knowing what to do

  • Two weeks ago I left an abusive relationship that I've been in and out of for about 3 years now. Every time we were together my partner cheated on me and this time round they abused me physically and mentally (I have a socket fracture from them slamming a door on my head).

    Throughout the relationship they cheated on me at every chance they got, insulted me and just degraded me to feel absolutely worthless and subservient. I recently found out that they were cheating on me with one of their step-parents that I thought was a friend of mine, when I look back so many things only now add up.
    I can't stop getting stressed, crying and losing my mind all day over this even though I don't directly think about it as much as I can. I'm feeling hopeless and sometimes I consider suicide just to stop it all but I stop myself when I think of my family. I just don't know what to do or how to cope, I don't feel like I'll ever be enough and I'll just keep getting hurt.

  • @Drinkstoomuch Firstly, no words from me can compound the amount of abuse you have suffered and the pain that you’ve felt. However, the fact that you stopped yourself from committing suicide thinking about your family proves that you’re brave and that you have people who you love and are worth living for.

    I would not stop you from crying as its a normal human reaction to one being hurt but I would definitely suggest, urge, request, plead and hope that when you’re done crying, you should never cry for this reason again as someone who doesn’t think twice before hurting is not worth it. Do discuss it with your near and dear ones. Amen!

  • You guys are right, they aren't worth it at all and I am trying to look ahead while bettering myself, I just have days like this where I can't control my thoughts and feelings and they get the better of me. It's hell on earth but people like you guys are what's keeping me going :)

  • How about taking revenge for everything they have done to you?
    But doing something like that is not considered "good".
    And i smiled at your signature. Good one.

  • @Yeah-I-guess

    I can relate with that, my 1st ever relationship was very toxic and took me 5 good years to get over it, but don't lose hope, it's possible to get over it! Yes, I won't lie, scars will remain there, but there's someone respectful and good for you out there, all you gotta do is keep looking and never give up, everyone deserves to be happy you are no exception.
    But remember, don't do this "adventure" alone, rely on your friends, family and everyone that wants to help, you don't have to do it alone, I'm free to chat whenever you need advice! Cheers and hope to see you chin up soon :)

  • Have them killed

  • @Rayse I'd actually love to, sadly I don't have those sorts of connections lol

  • @Yeah-I-guess
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  • I am so sorry someone has mistreated you. No one deserves to be treated that way. I have been where you are now and I know it may seem hopeless but it is not. Give your self time to grieve your relationship. Ending a long term relationship is just like losing a loved one to a death. You will need to go through the 7 stages of grief. Once you have you will start to see thing in a better light. I am willing to be here if you need to vent and express how you are feeling.

  • Now this is the crap I'm sick off reading... Good people getting hurt by the sick people with no god damn morals... U don't have to be a genius to figure out u shouldn't be with ur step parent! Sorry but society is pretty messed up... But I guess some things never change... Sex has run the world before god ever did... After all even he needed to make 2 of everything if that story is true... Swans, penguins, doves, a few things mate for life... Few people were made for mate for life... They are rare... And even rarer do they find each other... Good luck

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  • @PenitentDuckling hey duckling you already did the hard part getting your ass out of there, hats off to you, that can't have been easy. Tou know yourself you are worth so much more. So now you are fucked up, sad and upset, probably will be for some time unfortunately but it WILL pass and you will be stronger for it. Hang in there til that day comes and keep your chin up buttercup, best wishes and all strength to you xxx

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