• When does half term end? Does anyone actually know?

    Don't get me wrong, I like the fact there's fewer cars on the road in the morning, but all the same, the country does have a very scary vibe during the half term holidays. The lifesize cardboard cut-out rozzers in shop windows. The eerie, 28 Days Later style question of, 'If no one is where they're meant to be, where are they?'

    I've asked around and no adult knows for sure. I think it's all a conspiracy between kids and lazy teachers, and they make it up as they go along. I think it gets longer and longer every year, and pretty soon, it'll be 90% of the year.

    If I'm wrong, I'll issue a full apology. I'm just trying to get some facts.


  • you mean summer holidays which end on september 5th?

  • I dont no if this is live but whats up

  • I mean this chat is live

  • Oh just so you no I am in the group called anonymous. But I would like to fine them I no they started in the UK but that is all I no

  • @Super-Gizmomen I am not in Anonymous, but I do own a V for Vendetta mask. I bought it from China for £0.49, in case anything ever kicks off in the streets innit.

  • @Indrid-Cold while you wait for "28 days later" or "V for vendetta", making a large target in that white mask....the Americas will become bigger couch-potatoes, with a waistband reaching the upper 60 inches...making Teletubbies look absolutely petite in comparison or be buying $10 coffee and blowing the heart with stress....that the zombie marathon will starve to death as the blown heart were the healthy brains. Yet traffic will look the same. You might as well be a formerly-live human behind the wheel of a car....traffic Might move faster!