• I was once broken, literally shattered into a million unrepairable pieces. But some how I met my real family and they tried their best to pice me back together, but it only worked for a little but before I fell apart again. And then I met that on special person, the Harley Quinn to my Joker, my queen, my beautiful gf, my everything. And then she starts piecing me back together some how some way I dont know how but the pieces stuck! It was magic. And so like anyone would you wanna hold tightly to that person, because they are actually fixing you. But you know you can't hold to tightly or else they might try to escape and they will and they will leave. But to loosely will make it seem like you don't want them, and you have to find that perfect balance. But its so hard that you can't. And you know that you cant get to attached because like everyone else they leave. But here I am two weeks later and they haven't left. And then you actually try to push them away because you are scared that they will actually stay. And your whole life is full of brokenness and sadness and darkness. But then they are actually pulling you put of it all and you see the light again and you get scared because you are filthy and nasty from that hell hole you were in. But suddenly they don't care, and they actually help clean you off. And then you get scared once again because they are helping you, but you know you and they know you have nothing to offer back to them. But they don't care all they can see is you. And then you realise that they actually love you, and you can't change it. So you start loving them back but knowing full well that you are never going to be enough for them. But you try to anyway. And then you start to hold a little tighter. And then you hit speedbumps, and you fight like any relationship has, no relationship is perfect. But then you freak out becuase you are loosing the one person you ever felt that kind of love for. And then you realise they need space and you have to let go a little and you do, but it scares you even more because you have to let go that one person that changed your life, and that changed your world and they became your world. But then when you let go its like a flower the flower budded but you didn't want to see the blossom or the flower so you held tight so the relationship wouldn't change, but the moment you let go you realise that letting go was the best decision and with time that bud becomes a big beautiful flower. I love you @Abby.83 and nothing is ever gonna change that. And I'm going to let go some so this relationship can bloom.

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    @boots22 I feel the same way. Relationships are not easy. They are hard work. Hard work that you both are willing to put into the relationship to make each other happy. We will argue. We will bicker and fight. The true love shows when we make up and overcome our differences with a better solution for the both of us. I understand that this is a bit complex and that I am a bit complex, but time fixes everything and I want us to have so much time that in the end we will be so perfect that we will be in real able. But the begining of relationships are usually the toughest for me because there is so much bickering and level finding. If we both be patient and be sure to be mindful of the other persons feelings I'm postive that we will make it through this bump in the middle. We both have the will to fight for each other. We just have to make our foundation. Like a foundation of a house. It has to be strongly built so that the rest falls in place. If we don't discuss all of our issues we can make our foundation stronger so in a way arguing is beneficial to relationships. I means your not there for the fun stuff your there for long term(as long as your not arguing over stupid stuff) it means your willing to work. And I'm willing to work until I can't anymore for us I hope you feel the same way @BOOTS22

  • And even tho letting go may hurt. You just have to because you have to trust that person because trust goes both ways. And when you put that trust there they don't break it. It actually becomes another flower. Until all this love or trust or anything becomes one great big bush of flowers.

  • @abby-83 I'm here for the long haul Abbs so you stuck with me. And I will work everutjing out and tell you everything thing until I literally cant anymore.

  • @sup thanks man!

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    You can actually write that? Amazing!!

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