Attraction . Fatal. Harmful. Hopeless. Irresistible. Or.......

  • Attraction. How many different ways are you attracted to people? And have you ever had the experience of being completely attracted to someone in every way possible? I mean everything from first sight (looks) to mutual things in common to the way they smell and taste (pheromones) and everything else in between.

  • @Lazz
    I'm glad that you've had that in your life. Something like that doesn't happen to everyone and I dearly miss the one that I had that with. It gives you perspective on what love is and how good a relationship can be.
    It's not a benchmark that can be used to measure other relationships solely because it's so rare that it stands alone. At least in my life anyway.

  • @Lazz
    I don't wonder. I know that it's better. If for no other reason than getting to know that it exists.

    A good friend of mine has a line in a song. This is from Took to Long by Monte Montgomery.
    "People often talk about the one that they love to death, makes me think about the one I'd hate to miss."

  • @Lazz
    I do admit that there is nothing that compares to having your heart broken. And that covers everything from small infactuations all the way to deep love. It's the absolute worst in my humble opinion when it's one you love deeply and being unfaithful with your best friend. That's a double whammy and that pain is excruciating. Worsened by the lack of a shoulder to cry on.
    Strong emotions motivate people to do profound things.

  • @wet-teri All of the above, in one person. Captivated me from the start. Her looks, her intellect, every inch of her body, her thoughts, her many intoxicating scents. And yes, every taste as well, from silky smooth savory skin, to umami wet warm inviting mouth. Other slick subtly sweet flavors beyond description in polite company. Like a moth to a flame, I was, then. And in those flames I burned.

  • mate what are you on

  • @hellothere321 Love Is The Drug - Roxy Music

  • @wet-teri I'm glad for you for having had such, as well. Rare, indeed. And, thankfully, not fatal in either of our cases. Leads one to wonder about the old adage "...better to have loved and lost, etc." I often think: who/what would I be, today, had it not been for that once in a lifetime? Do you also ever wonder? ~Lazz

  • @wet-teri Wonderful to not wonder. Wonderfully stated, as well. Better, yes, I begin to see. Yours is an unmistakably valid point. I am unable to even try to disagree, not that I would. It would be terribly unwise, on my part. Thank you, much

  • @wet-teri Indeed! I whole-hardheartedly agree. Profound, chaotic, beautiful, terrible and every other thing one could ever possibly imagine. It's what a person decides to do with those impossibly Strong emotions that makes all the difference.

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