• I know this might sound weird but in your own opinion what your ideal apocalypse situation that you wouldnt mind or would want to happen?

    My ideal apocalypse is a world wide emp or something of the sort taking out all internet and networka across the world. I think that the way society is these day is terrible and that it would be better off living in small communities or families living off the land and doing your own thing.

    Anyway thats mine what is yours?

  • Radio-hazardous, I played S.T.A.L.K.E.R series and I'm a Survarium new comer despite I played the test since I have good relations to developers, but yeah that's my kind of apocalypse zombies and mutants, as a loner wandering around

  • @sybariumy yeah that wouldnt be all that bad apart from me living in scotland, its on an island that doesnt have alot of weapons to defend yourself e.c.t but i can see the apeal and even though i havnt played S.T.A.L.K.E.R i have played other zombie/ mutant games like fallout 4, the last of us, most of the zombie survial ones like h1z1, DayZ, 7 days to die and stuff. Cheers for answering :)

  • @Thomas-s-life not a gamer ..and i kind of find zombies ridiculous. But I liked the concept of annihilation. To be slowly overtaken by some other species. I think that would be a great view the species which think it's irreplaceable getting replaced.

  • We are set to run out of cocoa (chocolate) in 40 years. That ought to do the job.

  • @Thomas-s-life I like your rural farming idea very much. Also, invest in hard copy porno mags NOW, cos soon the internet will be no more. The only thing is, I've got elderly parents who rely on weird drugs from big pharma, which you probably wouldn't be able to get in a 'Survivors' scenario. So I'm still hoping for https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/post/221464