• Okay so I don't know much people here coz i ain't much active on tws , but I had been asked to post this and I was ready coz I have also seen people trolling others here and how the people who are being trolled get depressed . Idk what tws was previously but I know what it is now and what it can be .
    It is a beautiful place where people share there views , but it feels really bad when such place gets flooded with people who let others down . I have some friends here who have been trolled and they are really very hurt .
    This site is the best chatroom I have ever explored and it is a very nice place , but plzz next time before trolling someone think a hundred times that how would you feel if someone trolled you so badly and if you are being trolled , as mentioned by my friends before , don't give a fuck .
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  • @white-pegasus very well said. Everyone just needs a little love now and then, and if that makes someone uncomfortable, where they feel the need to bring in hate, then they aren't worth your time.

  • @us-poet yup :D thanks :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • @white-pegasus where r u now?