• What was the thing that brought you to TWS? How did you find this site? A friend told you? Heard it from somewhere? Or did you just stumble upon it?

    Bonus question: what motivated you to create an account?

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    I first came across this site a year ago when I was searching for omegle. When omegle turned out shit, I typed talk with strangers on Google. That's when I found it. The layout was all black and no login option was there. I used the random chat almost everyday and I met great people there. Thanks TWS :)) @Rabbitboy @TalkWithStranger

  • Freedom Writers

    I was bored and searched online, "Chat With Strangers Online Free" and I saw this site. After using it for a few days in the no-sign up option, I wanted to create an account.

  • ABOOBS Banned

    Soo my story isn't really that spectacular.
    One day i felt really lonely and it was late at night. I really wanted to have someone to talk to. I just googled talk with stranger. I didn't know about this site before, so i just created an account. I saw a girl commentating on alot of posts. I wrote her and we came really close. It held for a week and i was lonely again. I didn't use this site for a month, but now i sarted using it more often again. If you look really deep in the community of this site, you can really find nice people to talk with. Like @Katie_15 is a really nice person. She gives me motivation to keep on going. That is my story in a shortcut. I hope i could give you a little introduction of my experience of this site. Thank you for reading this. I wish everyone a nice day and a happy week overall 🙂

  • @sup boredom!!!!! Just typed in online chat rooms and well🤷🏾♀️ here I am

  • I was bored about 20 days ago and I had been thinking about online chat rooms for some reason. Joined. And that's it.

  • Same I was bored and I thought hey maybe I should talk to some strangers to pass time and this is the first link that pop up. The only reason I made an account though was because I wanted to change my name from stranger to anonymous me on the random chat. It still didn't work though 😕

  • @anonymous_me Haha same. I went to random chat after creating and thought what fresh hell is this?

  • @sohey this is the freshest Hell there is we hope you enjoy your stay

  • @rabbitboy so once upon a time lol so one day i cant open my first another chatting site, so i was bored want to chat and i Googling chatting site so the tws come up, and i chat on random chat. whenever i get bored i come back and chat, and boom there is some new feature which is public chat so i click and i was like oh we have to create an account so we can chat. because im curious what is gonna be so i created my account here

  • @rabbitboy Being lonely ass motherfucker.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @michaelele Tysm and I’ll be happy to give you motivation anytime 😊😌

  • Gamers

    once upon an evening when i was bored and chatting with a cousin mine, i was told about this site, at first i tried the random chat where almost everyone is horny and perverted, and wanted to see me nude, but luckily i ran into a very nice person, named riley from australia, we chatted for like 2 hours and then got disconnected before exchanging our contacts, AND i wanted to talk to her again so made an account on the site, never met her again, but its not that bad here either... TO BE CONTINUED.....

  • @anonymissvictor practically the same way I found this place

  • I went through 7 stranger and found this site.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @anonymissvictor same

  • @blooddrunk well at least we have something in common

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